February 14, 2005



Woodbriar Associates

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RE:      ZMA 2004-00014 Briarwood: Tax Map 32G, Parcel 1; Tax Map 32G Section3 Parcel A; and Tax Map 32G Section 3 Parcel 83




Dear Sir or Madam:



The Board of Supervisors approved your rezoning application on February 2, 2005.  Your rezoning from PRD (Planned Residential District) to PRD (Planned Residential District) to amend the proffers of ZMA 91-13 and ZMA 95-5 and to amend the Application Plan was approved in accordance with the attached proffers dated February 1, 2005.  An application plan revised and dated January 19, 2005 was approved as part of the rezoning.  As a condition of approval, the Board required the following be added to Note #5 of page 1 of the Application Plan: “The connection shall be approved and bonded prior to the issuance of any building permits for homes in Phase 4.” Please provide a revised application plan including this added note language. Please refer to these documents for any future applications and requests on this property.  The Board also approved the setback modification to allow a building separation of less than 30 feet.



Please be advised that although the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors took action on the project noted above, no uses on the property as approved above may lawfully begin until all applicable approvals have been received and conditions have been met.  This includes:




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If you have questions or comments regarding the above-noted action, please do not hesitate to contact Keith Lancaster at 296-5832.







V. Wayne Cilimberg

Director of Planning

Planning Divison



Cc:      Amelia McCulley

            Bill Fritz

            Tex Weaver

            Chuck Proctor

            Steve Allshouse

            Keith Lancaster