Attachment A

Subdivision Ordinance Revisions Needed for Consistency with Rural Additions Policy



Family Divisions -  No changes needed. VDOT indicates family divisions are not required to comply with this provision. 


Rural Divisions No changes needed.  Each lot in a rural division already has adequate frontage on an existing public road and no road construction occurs with this subdivision. 


Two Lot Subdivisions No changes needed.  Two lot roads are not eligible for VDOT maintenance and considered a shared driveway. 


Subdivisions with Three to Five Lots - Eliminate current private road standard and require road to be constructed to VDOT standards, the same as a subdivision with six or more lots.  Staff anticipates this would significantly increase the development costs for this type of rural subdivision and could eliminate the subdivision potential in some circumstances. 


Subdivisions with Six or More Lots Require all private roads to be constructed to VDOT standards. 


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