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     WHEREAS, Virginia Code §15.2-1229, provides that the governing body of any county may establish by resolution one or more petty cash funds not exceeding $5,000 each for the payment of claims arising from commitments made pursuant to law; and


     WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Resolution on June 7, 2004 establishing petty cash funds; and


      WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors now desires to amend and reestablish certain petty cash funds for the above stated purpose.



     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia establishes the following petty cash funds:



                             Finance Department               $  3,350.00

                             Social Services                              200.00

                             Police Department                      1,800.00

                             Sheriff’s Department                      100.00

                             Fire and Rescue                             150.00

                             Commonwealth’s Attorney             300.00

                             Parks & Recreation                        100.00


                             Total                                        $  6,000.00





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     Revised July 6, 2005