WHEREAS, the County of Albemarle Personnel Policy Manual has been adopted by the Board of Supervisors; and


            WHEREAS, the Board finds that an amendment to Personnel Policy P-02 is necessary to clarify the definitions of employee status;


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia, hereby amends the following section of the County of Albemarle Personnel Policy Manual:


By Amending:

Section P-02   Definition of Employee Status




            The Board will maintain standard definitions of employment and will classify employees in accordance with these definitions.  To aid in continuity and ease of reading, masculine pronoun will be used throughout our policies to denote both male and female employees.

Procedure for Compliance – Definition of Employee Status


A.      Classified Employees – A classified employee is defined as any County employee.  All County employees are employees at-will and may be dismissed from employment at any time, for any reason, or for no reason.  Regular full-time or part-time employees who have completed all probationary periods, and are eligible to grieve, may grieve such actions according to the grievance procedures set forth in Section P-03 of this Policy Manual.


B.     Definitions of Employment


1.      Regular – Employment in an approved budgeted full-time or part-time position that is meant to be part of the regular County work force.  The term “permanent” shall have the same meaning as “regular” as these terms are used throughout this Policy Manual.


a.   Full-Time:  Employment in an established position scheduled for not less than 40 hours per normal workweek (Saturday at 12:01 a.m. to Friday at midnight)* and 52 weeks per fiscal year.  After review by Human Resources and approval by the County Executive, some positions may be scheduled for less than 40 hours per workweek and still be designated “Full-Time.”


b.   Part-Time:  Employment in an established position requiring scheduled for less than 40 hours per normal workweek and not otherwise designated per subsection (a) above.


c.   Probationary:  The first six (6) months (12 months for certain positions) of employment with the County are considered a probationary period.  This time is used by both the employee and the County to determine whether the position and the employee are suited for each other.  An employee’s progress will be evaluated throughout the probationary period, as required by Section P-23 of this Policy Manual.


  1. Salaried Board Members:  Members of the Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission are paid an annual salary as established by county ordinance and state law.


3.      Temporary:  Employment that meets one or more of the following criteria:


a.Employment in a position established for a specific period of time.


b.         Employment for the duration of a specific project or group of assignments.


c.         Employment as a temporary in the absence of the incumbent in a position classified as full-time or part-time, as defined in Section B.1 above.  This shall not include regular employees who are serving in another position on a temporary basis (see P-60).


*NOTE:  Schedules other than those noted may be established by Department Heads provided that the alternate schedules are in writing and provided to the employees and to the Department of Human Resources.


C.     Extent of Participation in and Eligibility for Benefits


1.      Full-Time Regular:  Eligible to participate in all benefit programs.


2.      Part-Time Regular: Must be at least half-time (4.0 hours per day) to be eligible to participate in prorated medical benefits, leave benefits, and applicable retirement and life insurance programs.  County employees hired prior to the implementation of this policy (i.e. October, 1985) and who received benefits, will not lose such benefits.


3.      Temporary:  Ineligible to participate in benefits programs.


4.      Salaried Board Member:  Eligible to participate in all medical and dental insurance programs.


In order for a new employee to be paid by the end of the month in which they are hired, paperwork must be received in the Department of Human Resources by the 15th of the month.  If the 15th falls on a weekend, paperwork must be received the workday prior to the 15th.


New employees are eligible for medical/dental insurance coverage the first of the month following the month in which they are hired.  Employees are not required to pay the employee premium for that month.  Employees may elect for insurance coverage to begin earlier, but not prior to the date of hire.  In such cases, the employee will be responsible for the full cost of the premium (Board and employee portions), prorated based on a 30-day month.  Non-benefits-eligible employees who subsequently become eligible and employees who previously declined coverage and subsequently elect coverage will be treated the same as new employees regarding coverage start date and premium payments. Medical/dental premiums are paid in advance of the month of coverage.


Except as provided under COBRA or other applicable law, medical/dental insurance coverage may continue through the end of the month following the month of termination provided all employee premiums are paid.  Otherwise, coverage will cease at the end of the month of termination.


Employees who are married to another County employee will be eligible for two Board contributions toward medical/dental insurance.  It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the Department of Human Resources of this situation and, upon notification, the change in contribution will be made with the next payroll.  In no event will the County be responsible for retroactive payments to employees who fail to provide this notification.


D.     Continuous Service is defined as:  Uninterrupted employment while a regular employee with the County of Albemarle.  Continuous service is broken by termination of or resignation from employment, voluntary or involuntary.


E.     Throughout the policies, the word “Day” shall be defined as:  the number of hours an employee is identified on the Employee Personnel System as working.    It is not necessarily the number of hours the employee actually works per day.  It is calculated by taking the number of hours the employee works per year, and dividing it by 260 (the number of days per year in the system).


Full Time

Classified (other than those noted below)

2080 hrs/year (or as designated in subsection B(1)(a) above)

a day = 8 hours (or as designated in subsection B(1)(a) above)


Police Patrol

2071 hrs/year

a day = 8.1 hours


Fire & Rescue Day Personnel

2600 2496 hrs/year

a day = 10 9.6 hours


Fire & Rescue 24-hr Personnel

2912 hrs/year

a day = 11.2 hours

Part Time


Prorated based on hrs worked



Amended:  August 7, 1996; June 2, 2004; July 7, 2004; July 6, 2005


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