2006 Legislative Priorities




Receive Board input on and approval of 2006 Legislative Priorities to be submitted to the TJPDC and VACo




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Blount, Bowman






July 6, 2005



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In July 2004, the Board of Supervisors approved the County’s 2005 Legislative Priorities that were submitted to the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC). In November 2004, the Board approved the TJPDC’s legislative program that incorporated the County’s 2005 Legislative Priorities. In December 2004, the Board met with state legislators to discuss these priorities. The General Assembly was then in session from January - April, 2005. Staff is providing this executive summary to (1) update how Albemarle’s 2005 Legislative Priorities fared in the General Assembly session and (2) receive the Board’s input and approval before submitting the proposed 2006 Legislative Priorities to the TJPDC and VACo.




Protect the County's Natural, Scenic and Historic Resources, Enhance the Quality of Life for all Albemarle County Citizens, Provide Effective and Efficient County services to the public in a courteous and equitable manner




For information on how the County’s 2005 Legislative Priorities fared in the legislature, please see the “2005 Legislative Priorities Report” (Attachment A). The report details any action taken on priorities, an assessment of what priorities should be continued in the future and links to the final legislative reports of the TJPDC, VML and VACo.


Beyond the 2005 Legislative Priorities that are being carried forward or modified (Attachment A), the Board should be aware of several new priorities staff has proposed. The legislature may take actions that will significantly change the County’s current revenue structure. Both major party gubernatorial candidates have proposed changes to the local real estate tax, Virginia localities’ primary source of revenue. The legislature may also change the structure of local telecommunications taxes, including E-911 fees. Staff has proposed positions on both issues for the Board’s consideration.


The General Assembly has also been charged with finding long-term funding solutions for the state’s transportation needs.  No new priority is proposed at this time, as the local MPO Funding Options group has yet to complete its work. The Board may wish to adopt an additional transportation priority pending this group’s recommendations.


In the coming months, the Board may also receive additional recommendations for Health and Human Services priorities. County staff and the Commission on Children and Families have been working with Del. Steve Landes on several issues related to the Comprehensive Services Act. Though any priority added at a later date will not be submitted to VACo, it will still have an opportunity to be included in the TJPDC’s Legislative Program that the Board will approve in November.


Staff has also added a priority regarding E-911 service delivery. This year legislation will be introduced regarding certain telecommunication systems that negatively affect 911 systems. These systems (which are used by banks, universities, schools, government agencies and hotels) usually provide only a single location and telephone for 911 systems and often require an additional 9 when dialing 911. Supporting this legislation could help the County achieve its emergency services’ response time standards.


Staff has considered the aforementioned issues in assembling the 2006 Legislative Priorities (Attachment B). Today, staff asks for direction on any priorities the Board wishes to add, omit or amend based on the proposed 2006 Legislative Priorities.




While there are no specific, identifiable budget impacts, the County’s legislative priorities seek to ensure the state adequately funds its mandated responsibilities and not jeopardize the County’s ability to implement the policies (including fiscal) that it deems necessary.




Staff recommends the Board review the attached legislative report (Attachment A) and consider if they wish to amend the proposed 2006 Legislative Priorities (Attachment B). After the Board’s approval, staff will submit these to VACo and the TJPDC for consideration into their respective legislative programs. The Board may request legislation or other priorities at anytime after this date; however, in submitting priorities to VACo, now is the optimal time for consideration of any proposal.




Attachment A - 2005 Legislative Priorities Report

Attachment B - Proposed 2006 Legislative Priorities
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