TO:                  Board of Supervisors
FROM:            Ches Goodall – ACE Coordinator
DATE:             June 27th, 2005
RE:                  Virginia Land Conservation Foundation grant to ACE Program
On June 7, 2005, the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation awarded an $85,433.00 grant to the ACE Program for help in purchasing a conservation easement on the Henry Page property, a Round 5 applicant from the class of 2003-4.  The grant covers 50% of the easement acquisition cost plus the appraisal cost, title insurance and all recordation costs.  The ACE Program was the only PDR program in Virginia to receive funding from VLCF.

The 558.900 acre Page property is located approximately 10 miles southwest of Charlottesville in the Ragged Mountains.  It was the highest scoring property (according to the County’s ACE ranking evaluation data) in the 2003-04 applicant pool.  By placing this property under easement, the County will retire 29 theoretical development rights, protect more than 250 acres of “prime” farmland and 39 acres of mountaintop in the “ridge area boundary” of Taylor’s Mountain.  In addition, over 11,000 feet (or 95 acres) of streamside buffer were recently protected by the state’s first conservation easement under the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program.

The more significant benefit of this grant award will be to the overall ACE program by increasing the amount of funds available  to purchase additional easements in this round, or the next round of ACE program. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Date:      June 8, 2005

Contact: Gary Waugh, PR Manager

                (804) 786-5045


News Release

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation

203 Governor Street, Suite 213

Richmond, VA  23219


Va. Land Conservation Foundation grants awarded


(RICHMOND, Va.) – Helping a family continue farming land they have owned since the 1600s, protecting two old-growth stands of northern red oak in Giles County, enlarging a town park, purchasing part of a Civil War battlefield slated for development, and purchasing a 2,000 acre Eastern Shore island are how a few of the 12 grants approved by the Virginia Land Conservation Foundation will be used.


The VLCF, a state land conservation board, approved grants totaling approximately $3 million. VLCF grants are used to acquire and protect special lands in the following categories: open space and parks, historic areas, farm and forestry and natural areas. This year, the foundation received 24 requests totaling more than $6.2 million. The grants require a minimum of a 50 percent match. These projects represent more than $12.25 million in public and private money going to land conservation across the state.


“This is the first time the foundation has had grant funding available during the Warner administration,” said Joseph Maroon, director of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation and the foundation’s executive secretary. “The number and strength of proposals submitted speaks to the importance placed on land conservation throughout the Commonwealth.” DCR staffs the foundation.


The following list provides the project name, requesting organization and VLCF funding for the 12 approved grants:


Open Space and Parks


Historic Preservation


Farmlands and Forestry


Natural Areas Protection


Editor’s note: The dollar figures given reflect only the state grant amount and not the total cost of the project. Contact Gary Waugh at (804) 786-5045 for more details on the projects receiving grants.


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