Appropriation #2005060                                                                                                               $1,112,505.24

Albemarle County Public Schools received a Bicycle Safety Program Grant award from the Virginia Department of Health Center for Injury and Violence Prevention in the amount of $4,990.00 for FY 04/05. The program will implement an interactive bicycle/helmet safety unit of study among students as part of the health and physical education curriculum. Students will participate in “on-the-bike” activities in a controlled environment to learn safety skills and behaviors that prevent bicycle related injuries and fatalities. There is also a local fund balance in the amount of $15.24 from FY 03/04 that may be reappropriated for FY 04/05.


The Virginia Commission for the Arts has awarded Touring Grants to Crozet Elementary in the amount of $750.00, Greer Elementary in the amount of $750.00, Murray Elementary in the amount of $250.00, and Yancey Elementary in the amount of $750.00. These grant awards will help fund a Theatre IV performance at each school.


The Virginia Department of Education has awarded Albemarle County Public Schools a Project Graduation Regional Academy Grant in the amount of $75,000.00. This grant is a state funded non-competitive grant awarded to collaborative remedial efforts of two or more school divisions within each Superintendent’s Study Group Region. Each school division will be allocated a per pupil amount based on the number of students identified. Albemarle County Public Schools is serving as the fiscal agent for this grant. Funds from the Regional Academy Grant will be used to hold the Spring Academy that will target senior students scheduled to graduate Spring 2005 who have not yet passed the SOL end-of-course exam to earn a verified credit in English: Reading, English: Writing, or Algebra I.


At the beginning of FY 04/05, the use of one-time funds was limited due to revenue uncertainties associated with the Personal Property Tax Relief Act (PPTR). Now that the Commonwealth has resolved the issues of the timing of payments to localities, one-time funds can now be finally distributed according to previous School Board decisions reached in July 2004. Significant quantities of fund balance have been held to meet obligations. These two current year obligations are $750,000.00 to school bus replacement and $260,000.00 to cover additional unbudgeted increases in fuel expenses. One other appropriation correction is also needed for the computer equipment replacement fund. No additional fund balance is required as sufficient transfers are budgeted within the School Fund; however, insufficient expenditure authority was initially given to this fund.


The Saint John the Baptist in the Woods Foundation is partnering with Yancey Elementary School to establish CLUB YANCEY, a place to explore the possibilities of what students can be – providing students the opportunity and the means to achieve their potential. CLUB YANCEY will be a customized program operated through the Extended Day Program with a focus on: at-school homework completion, culture and the arts, civic duty, extraordinary field trips, sports and outdoors, health and obesity, and community partnerships. CLUB YANCEY will be free of charge to 37 students, almost four times the number of students previously participating in the after school program. The Office of Instruction will need to provide funding in the amount of $10,895 in addition to the salary supplement provided by the St. John the Baptist in the Woods Foundation.


Appropriation #2005061                                                                                                                  $699,425.15

The original appropriation for the 800 MHz system was based on radio units needed five years ago. This additional $699,425.15 includes current needs for the County, City of Charlottesville, University of Virginia, and the Charlottesville/Albemarle Airport, since Albemarle serves as the fiscal agent for this project. Albemarle County will fund its share of the additional costs through the use of E-911 service charges.  


Appropriation #2005062                                                                                                                     $2,095.00

Woodbrook Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $500.00 from the State Farm Companies Foundation.  This donation will be used by the School Community Group to assist with neighborhood based activities and to train parents and teachers on focus areas and to support the homework club for the students at Woodbrook Elementary School. 


Murray Elementary School received donations in the amount of $1,595.00.  Amy Webb donated $500.00, Real Estate III donated $500.00, Tim and Erin Spencer donated $50.00, W. Carter and Gail Hoerr donated $25.00, Greg Leffler with State Farm donated $100.00, Jeanne Runkle donated $400.00 and an anonymous donation in the amount of $20.00.  These donations will be used to help with expense for the D.I. Team to compete at Global.


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