SP-2005-09 (Sign #32) Cedar Hill Mobile Home Park Extension of Special Use Permit



Request for reapproval of an expansion of an existing Mobile Home Park from 77 lots to 109 lots(SP 03-06) in accordance with Section of the Zoning Ordinance which allows for mobile home subdivisions. The property, described as Tax Map 32 Parcel 22I, contains 25.95 acres, and is located in the Rio Magisterial District at 2073 Cypress Drive, approximately one quarter mile south of the intersection of Route 29 and North Park Road. 21.13 acres of the property is zoned R-4 residential and the remaining 4.82 acres are zoned LI Light Industrial.  The property is also zoned EC Entrance Corridor.  The Comprehensive Plan designates this property as Neighborhood Density Residential in the Hollymead Community. (See Attachment A.)






Planning Commission Public Hearing June 21, 2005

Board of Supervisors Public Hearing July 6, 2005


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This request is to reapprove the special use permit SP 03-06 which allowed the 32-lot expansion of the Cedar Hill Mobile Home Park.  A copy of the staff report is included as Attachment B.  The approved conditions are in Attachment C. 


The expiration occurred for two reasons.  First, the applicant has been trying to obtain off-site sewer easements from the University Real Estate Foundation to allow a sewer connection through North Fork Research Park.  A different alignment for the sewer is being sought than previously anticipated.  (See Attachment D.)  Secondly, although the applicant applied for an extension of the permit before the expiration, the public hearing schedule resulted in a later action date than the date of expiration of the Special Use Permit.  The applicant made application on February 29. 2005 and the Special Use Permit expired on June 3, 2005. 



Staff has reviewed the previously approved plan and file correspondence, new FEMA maps, current Code, and the current plan for the North Pointe development.  There have been no regulatory changes that would affect this project since it was approved in 2003.  Staff also finds no change of circumstance that would adversely affect this request.


Staff has also consulted with the Albemarle County Service Authority concerning a likely time period for engineering approvals of sewer plans.  The Service Authority staff has said that it is difficult to predict how much time it will take since time periods for obtaining off-site easements, which is the most time consuming part, can be substantial.   Reapproving the previous special use permit will result in an extension of two more years, which is what was requested by the applicant. 



Staff recommends reapproval Special Use Permit 03-06 with the following condition(s):


  1. Pending the satisfaction of all conditions of approval for the special use permit and modifications and waivers, a maximum of thirty-two (32) new mobile home lots shall be allowed in the mobile home park.  Those new lots shall be arranged generally in the areas and configuration shown on the application plan, dated January 27, 2003;


  1. No mobile home units shall be relocated or installed, nor shall any new construction activity take place in the expanded area as illustrated on the application plan dated January 27, 2003 until after a site plan has been approved.  No change in unit location shall occur on the existing or expanded areas without a site plan approval;


  1. A landscape plan shall be submitted for review with the required site plan; and


  1. The stormwater and utility improvements illustrated on the application plan dated January 27, 2003 may be adjusted as approved by the agent on the final site plan if the agent determines the adjustments to be more site sensitive, environmentally sensitive, visually sensitive, and less obtrusive method to achieve the same results.





ATTACHMENT A:  Location Map

ATTACHMENT B:  Staff Report for SP 03-06 w/attachments

ATTACHMENT C:  Special Use Permit approval letter dated June 12, 2003

ATTACHMENT D:  Letter from Applicant dated February 2, 2005
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