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ZTA 2005-02 and ZMA 2004-04 Airport Impact Area Overlay District


UPDATE:  Minor non-substantive modifications and corrections have been made to the text and format of the attached ordinance from the version reviewed by the Planning Commission.




This is a request to amend the text of the Airport Impact Overlay zoning district and modify the district boundaries on the County Zoning Map.


Albemarle County has established the Airport Impact Area Overlay District (AIA) in order to minimize the adverse impacts of the airport on persons and properties and to minimize the creation of physical, visual and other obstructions to the safe operations of the airport facility.  The AIA boundary and other sub-areas defined within the AIA are based on information provided in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan. The Master Plan has recently been updated, and based on new information provided in the Master Plan particularly related to the Noise Impact Area, Airport Protection Area the Runway Clear Zone portions of AIA, certain changes to the AIA Text and Zoning Map are required to keep the district current.


The Master Plan was recently updated by the Airport Authority, with the updated Authority adopting the updated Master Plan on August 18, 2004.  The Albemarle County Board of Supervisors subsequently adopted the updated plan on January 11, 2005.  The Federal Aviation Administration has also reviewed and accepted the updated Master Plan. The Airport has maintained a Master Plan for facility development since 1972. Prior updates include 1982 and 1994.   FAA requires an airport to maintain a master plan in order to be eligible to receive grant-in-aid funding through its airport improvement program. 




As mentioned above, based on new information provided in the updated Airport Master Plan, the AIA overlay district text needs to be amended to reflect this new information.  The AIA serves to minimize the impact of the Airport on persons and property and to minimize the impact of physical development on airport operations.





Text Modifications

Attachment A is a draft of the sections to be amended in the AIA.  Attachment B is a copy of the existing ordinance, including the remaining portion of the AIA not being amended.   These amendments are necessary to assure that the AIA remains consistent with information provided in the update Airport Master Plan.  The primary text amendments to this section are references to new information and maps which are the bases for the boundaries of the AIA Overlay District and defined sub-areas of the AIA, specifically the Noise Impact Area, the Airport Protection Area, and Runway Protection Zone.


The AIA Overlay District Boundary

The boundary for the AIA Overlay District is defined by the “Airport Airspace Drawing – Part 77” map contained in the updated Master Plan (Attachment C, 2 pages).  The full AIA boundary forms a “keyhole” shape.  The only change to this map boundary is to the northern arc of the boundary.  Attachment D is a map which generally shows the change in this boundary. This change occurred to reflect the future extension of the runway. The extension planned for the north end of the runway necessitated a corresponding extension of the AIA area to the north.  The impact of this change is additional properties are brought into the AIA.  This change is discussed further in the Airport Protection Area section below.


Airport Protection Area (APA)

This portion of the AIA is the horizontal and conical area surrounding the runway which defines the airspace to be protected from penetration by buildings, structures, objects of natural growth, or use.  The APA is the circle portion of the AIA keyhole.  The northern arc of this area has changed due to the future 1,000 foot extension on the north end of the runway. The impact of this change is additional properties are brought into the APA portion of the AIA.  In the APA, the height of structures placed on properties within this are may be limited from penetrating the airspace as defined by the “Airport Airspace Drawing” map.  The height limitation is dependent on the specific elevation of the property and the properties relative location in the APA.  Because of the underlying zoning district (RA) regulations, including uses and height restrictions, the only use/structures likely impacted by the change to boundary of district are proposed tower structures.


Noise Impact Area

The Noise Impact Area is the area which based and the average day-night noise level (DNL) around the airport, specifically that area where the DNL reaches or exceeds 65 decibels.  This area is identified in the Existing Noise Contours Map (see Attachment E).  Structures within this area are required to meet certain noise performance standards established within the AIA. The noise impact area is located entirely on Airport owned property. No other changes are proposed to the noise performance standards.


Runway Protection Zone (RPZ)

This amendment to the AIA is to reflect new terminology and dimensions for the Runway Protection Zone, formerly referred to as the Runway Clear Zone. This is the area immediately beyond the end of the runway.  This dimensions for this area have changed somewhat, but are very similar to the previous boundaries.  The RPZ for the current runway are located entirely on airport property.


The following is a summary of the changes by ordinance section:


Sec. 30.2.1 Intent

Changes to this Section are primarily housekeeping changes to update/correct errors, and identify appropriate maps within the Master Plan that define the AIA.


Sec 30.2.2 Application

This section establishes where the overlay district regulations apply.  The changes to this Section are specific references to the new maps within the Airport Master Plan which are the basis for the AIA’s Airport Protection Area and the Noise Impact Area boundaries


Sec. 30.2.3 Definitions

This section is updated to refer to appropriate maps in the Airport Master Plan.  It has also been updated to reflect the new name and dimensions for this area, previously known as Runway Clear Zone.



Impact of amendment on Administration/Review Process

There should no significant impact on the administration and review process based on the proposed amendment. 


Impact of amendment of Affordable Housing

There should no significant impact on the administration and review process based on the proposed amendment. 


Implications to staffing/staffing cost

There should no significant impact on the administration and review process based on the proposed amendment. 




Staff recommends the approval of the zoning ordinance text amendment provided as Attachment A and the associated zoning map amendments.






Attachment A, proposed ordinance amendments

Attachment B, existing AIA overlay district ordinance

Attachment C, Airport Airspace Drawing, Part 77 Map (2 pages)

Attachment D, Map showing change in AIA northern boundary

Attachment E, Existing Noise Contours Map (final publication version will be dated 2003)
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