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Review Strategic Plan quarterly progress report,  provide guidance




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Ms. White, Ms. Allshouse






June 1, 2005


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The Board initiated the County’s FY 2003/04 – FY 2005/06 strategic plan in April, 2002. The initial plan included four strategic directions and seven goals. At their 2003 strategic planning retreat, the Board added a goal that addresses the County’s growth and urbanization.  In April 2004, the Board approved the addition of four Life Long Learning Goals. At their October 2004 strategic planning retreat, the Board reviewed the results of the 2004 citizen survey and other data and added a goal to address the County’s growing transportation concerns.


The current strategic plan will end June 06.  (Attachment A) A new strategic plan will be established for FY 06/07 – FY 10/11.




Quarterly Report for January – March 2005 time period




January  –  March 05 Progress:


Following are highlights of strategic plan progress during the January – March 05 time period:


1.  Transportation The Transportation Funding Options Work Group, appointed by the MPO Policy Board, has been meeting over the past several months and has identified priority projects.  During the recently completed budget process, the Board recognized transportation funding will be needed at both the local and regional level and increased the funding in the CIP to address transportation projects by $1.5 million. Additional details are included in Attachment B.


2.  Water Supply:  The current focus for the County of Albemarle, after several different meetings, has been to coordinate a joint strategy with the City of Charlottesville, the Albemarle County Service Authority and the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority by developing common water supply alternatives/plan for submittal in a Pre-Application Proposal for review and consideration by Federal and State Regulators.


3.  Affordable HousingAlbemarle County introduced a new Homebuyer Assistance Program to promote first-time homeownership opportunities for low- to moderate-income families who meet program eligibility requirements. The program will be administered in partnership with the Piedmont Housing Alliance. Program details are available on the Albemarle County website.   Per the Board’s instruction, the Housing Division will move forward with three additional recommendations which will include amendments to zoning ordinances and the comprehensive plan. Additional details regarding this are provided to the Board in a separate June 1 report.


4.  Strategic Plan Outcome Management System: The County’s leadership will begin managing the strategic plan with an outcome-oriented management system.  While the Leadership Council will still monitor the progress related to the


County’s on-going activities, staff will also monitor outcome measures that will inform them whether these activities are achieving the results outlined in the strategic plan, and whether adjustments need to be made. This outcome measurement system will be in place for the last year of the current strategic plan and will be utilized in the next strategic planning cycle.  Attachment C includes outcome measures that have been identified for 8 of the County’s strategic goals.


5.  Progress on specific Strategic Plan Objectives:  A report providing additional details outlining staff’s efforts   to achieve specific objectives by stated timelines is attached. As of March 05, 7 objectives have been completed. Attachment B provides details for the remaining objectives that are currently underway.




Eleven strategic initiatives were approved in the FY 05/06 operating budget at $1.8 million.  $1.5 million in CIP.  These initiatives include:


Safe and Healthy Community

Sheriff Deputy & Office Associate

3 Police Officers

Police Civilian Patrol Support Assistant

2 Captains and 1 Firefighter ALS for EMS Response in the Southern Rural Area


Quality of Life

Increased local funding for Family Support

increased funding for Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled

Trail Development Maintenance & Supplies


Protect and Preserve Natural Resources

Stormwater Management Program


Efficient and Effective Government

Director of General Services

Retiree Health Insurance

Custodians for COB-South



Additional $1.5 million in CIP funding



Staff recommends the Board review this quarterly strategic plan progress report and continue to provide direction for the County’s Strategic Plan.




Attachment A: Strategic Plan Framework

Attachment B: Strategic Objectives/Timeline Progress Report

Attachment C: Strategic Plan Outcome Measures

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