TO:                  Members, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors


FROM:            Bill Wanner, Senior Regional Planner


DATE:             May 24, 2005


SUBJ:              June 1 Public Hearing: Regional Hazard Mitigation Plan



In follow-up to the April 26, 2005 discussion of the Mitigation Plan with the Albemarle Planning Commission and the May 4, 2005 discussion with the Board, we have amended the draft Plan as shown on the enclosed “Addendum to the Albemarle County Hazard Mitigation Plan,” dated May 6, 2005.  These amendments have been incorporated into the Mitigation Actions section of the Plan, also enclosed.


At the May 10, 2005 public hearing and subsequent discussion held by the Planning Commission, the Commission accepted the Plan and endorsed its going before the Board of Supervisors for consideration at the June 1, 2005 meeting.



Enclosure: Addendum Sheet and Revised Plan for Albemarle County

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