In addition to the questions below, please identify areas where additional information is needed for your review, where the concept shown is unlikely to be able to meet requirements for site plans or subdivision plats, any alternatives you believe might or should be explored to help meet stated County goals, and what issues can be put off until site plan or subdivision phase.


Questions for Zoning:


1.      Property Issues

a.       Are there any property issues such as a lack of correlation between properties shown on an application plan/concept plan and the properties included on the application?  If so, what is needed to correct this?

b.      Can you see potential problems related to meeting zoning requirements that would affect adjoining properties?

2.      Conformity with Zoning Ordinance

a.       Does the proposal meet application requirements (such as items required for a planned district)

b.      Does the concept plan shows items that clearly do not conform to the zoning ordinance?  If so, are waivers available?

c.       Are there areas where the plan may not be able to conform to the zoning ordinance?

d.      What parking issues does the proposal raise?  Does parking that is shown conform?

e.       Are there procedural issues, such as the need to submit a subdivision plat, necessary to implement the request?  If so, please identify.

3.      Zoning history relevant to the request

a.       Is this an owner’s attempt to rectify a zoning violation?

b.      Does the reviewer know of any history that the planner should research?

4.      Conditions

a.       In addition to the standard conditions, are there other conditions that you believe are important for the use?   If so, please provide specific language you would like used.

5.      Proffers

a.       Are there items for which you believe commitments are needed to ensure that a plan is implemented the way it is shown?

b.      Are proposed proffers acceptable for zoning enforcement?  If not, provide recommended language.


Questions for Current Planning


1.   Potential conformity with site plan and subdivision regulations

  1. Are there potential issues related with the ability of this plan to conform with site plan and subdivision regulations?  If so, please identify and suggest solutions.
  2. What future actions are needed in order to implement the plan, such as a resubdivision, boundary line adjustment, site plan, or site plan amendment?
  3. What items need to be tied down at the “concept plan” phase and what can be put off until site plan or plat stage?

2.      Conflicts or relationships with site plans and plats under review/recently approved

a.   Are there other projects under review or recently approved that are near this parcel that would affect or be affected by this project?


Questions for Engineering


1.   Water Protection

a.       Is the stormwater management shown on the plan generally (or specifically) acceptable?  Please look for water quality and quantity.

b.      Are stream buffers disturbed?  If so, what is the nature of the disturbance?  Is it generally acceptable?  Is proposed mitigation acceptable?

c.       Are floodplains impacted?  If so, is an SP request included?  Are impacts generally acceptable?

2.      Traffic/Transportation – Internal and External Circulation

a.       Is a traffic study needed?  If provided, do you agree with the conclusions?  (to be coordinated with VDOT and Transportation Planner)

b.      Is access provided from existing public streets adequate?  Are connections made to neighboring properties sufficient?

c.       Is the internal and external circulation system for streets generally in conformity with County and VDOT regulations or the County’s TND streets table?  If not, what is needed? (include comments on private street issues)

d.      Are parking lots shown or parking lots proposed generally able to meet engineering standards?  If not, what needs to be changed?

3.   Grading and Disturbance

a.   What are the impacts of the grading proposed to the neighbors and environmentally sensitive areas??  Are there problems that could reasonably be anticipated from the proposed grading?

b.   For the Rural Areas, does the volume of fill require an SP?

b.   Are there swaths of steep slopes or retaining walls that need further attention?

c.   Are there areas of potential conflict between things such as utilities future landscaping or sewer lines shown in areas to be protected from disturbance?

d.      Conditions and Proffers 

a.       For special use permits, are there conditions you would recommend relative to engineering needs or commitments?

b.      For rezonings, are there areas for which commitments are needed (proffers) in order to ensure that the plan proposed can be implemented?

c.       Are conditions or proffers you are reviewing workable?  Could you implement them as written?  How should they be rewritten?  (Look at Greg’s info in the Land Use Law Handbook and Amelia’s info sheet)


Questions for Housing


1.      If this proposal includes residential uses, how well does the proposal meet the County’s affordable housing goals should provision be made for providing affordable housing?

2.      What programmatic aspects would you suggest for achieving affordable housing?

3.      What proffers or conditions do you suggest?  (please include specific language)

4.      Are proffers or conditions provided by the applicant appropriate and enforceable?  What suggestions for changes do you have?


Questions for Parks and Recreation


1.      Impacts on provision of service

a.       Do Community Facilities Plan standards indicate a deficiency of parks and recreational facilities in this general area?

b.      How will the project impact Parks and Recreation’s provision of service to the community?

2.      Conformity with adopted plans and studies

a.       Does the proposal conform to adopted plans and studies for parks and recreational facilities?

3.      Open space and amenities

a.       Are there existing or proposed trails near this property to which a trail on this property could tie to develop an interconnected system of trails?

b.      If project is not residential in nature, what advice do you have for open space on this project

c.       If the project contains residential units, do the additional units generate a need for parks on this property?  Are improvements to nearby parks a reasonable alternative to providing parks and recreational uses on the site?

d.      If the project is residential in nature, is the level of recreational amenity appropriate for the number and types of units being proposed?

e.       If open space and amenities are provided, should they be public?


Questions for Health Department?


1.      If there is an existing septic system for the proposed use

a.       Is it functioning or failing?

b.      Is it suitable for the proposed use?

2.      Have sufficient tests been done on the property to assure that a septic system can function properly at this location?


Questions for Building Inspector


1.      If use of existing buildings is proposed, what issues should the applicant be aware of in order use the building as proposed?

2.      If new buildings are proposed, are there potential building code issues which should be addressed at the SP/ZMA stage rather than at the site plan/plat stage?  If so, what are they?


Questions for ACSA


1.      Is water and sewer service generally available to serve this property?

2.      Will grinder pumps be needed?

3.      Are there water pressure issues which may affect the proposed use as shown on a plan?

4.      Are there major upgrades needed to the water distribution or sewer collection system of which the applicant and staff should be aware?

5.      Which issues should be resolved at the SP/ZMA stage and which issues can be resolved at the site plan/plat stage?

6.      If the project is a large water user, what long-term impacts or implications do you foresee?


Questions for Fire Official


1.      Are there water pressure issues which may affect the proposed use?

2.      Would the proposed layout or design have a negative impact on provision of fire service?

3.      Can you suggest changes to the plan or proposed setbacks to better enable fire service to be provided?


Questions for Police


1.      Do you need to review a plan for the development?

2.      Are there aspects of this use that you believe will cause problems in providing police protection to the area?

3.      Are there site design issues which may affect overall site security?


Questions for Design Planner (ARB)


1.      Will this project need to be reviewed by the ARB?

2.      If the plan is reviewed by the ARB and resubmitted, has the applicant addressed all ARB concerns?

3.      Are there outstanding Entrance Corridor issues related to the plan or proposal which should be addressed prior to a Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors action?


Questions for VDOT


1.      Is a traffic study needed for this project?

2.      What types of improvements along existing public streets are necessitated by this proposal?  Does the proposal address these needs?

3.      Where public streets are involved, does internal circulation appear to meet VDOT requirements and guidelines?

4.      What additional interconnections can you recommend?

5.      What other changes are required or recommended in order to meet future VDOT approval?  Can these be addressed at the site plan/plat stage or should they be addressed at the SP/ZMA stage?


Questions for Historic Preservation Planner


1.      Are there historic resources on the property which may/will be impacted by the proposal?

2.      Are any of these resources National Register eligible?

3.      What, if any, additional studies or assessments are needed?

4.      Are there National Register properties or other historic properties which may/will be impacted by the proposal?

5.      What suggestions would you offer the staff or applicant for preservation of any historic resources related to this proposal?


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