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Northern Development Areas Master Plan

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Tucker, Foley, Davis, Kamptner, Graham, Cilimberg, Benish, Wiegand





May 4, 2005


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In September 2003, the Board of Supervisors endorsed Development Areas 1 and 2, Hollymead and Piney Mountain, as the next areas for which a master plan would be prepared. The formal title for the plan will be the Northern Development Areas Master Plan (the “Master Plan”).


In January 2005, following an RFP process, the County selected a team of consultants led by Community Design + Architecture Inc. to prepare the master plan. The master plan will be coordinated with the US 29 North Corridor Transportation Study (the “Transportation Study”) now being prepared by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission. Staff expects this coordination to result in a master plan that addresses both existing and future land uses along with the transportation needs of residents and businesses in the development areas. The same consultant team is working on both the master plan and the transportation study. The contract for preparation of the master plan has been signed.




Goal 2.1:  Protect and/or preserve the County’s rural character.

Goal 2.2:  Protect and/or preserve the County’s natural resources.

Goal 3.1:  Make the County a safe and healthy community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.

Goal 3.2:  Promote a variety of safe, sanitary and affordable housing types.

Goal 3.3:  Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.

Goal 4.2: Fund County services in a fair, efficient manner and improve needed public facilities and infrastructure.




A major component of the master planning process will be a public participation program, led by Lee Catlin, Community Relations Manager. Two to three weeks prior to the first public workshop in the planning process, the County will host a Citizens Planning Academy. A letter will be sent out to all residents and property owners in the development areas inviting them to the academy and giving them basic information about the master planning process.  Other public meetings as outlined in Attachment A will be held during the project process.


A project Advisory Committee will also be utilized in the process to provide initial review and comment on tasks and products throughout the master plan process.  Staff is working with the Planning Commission to select members of this committee.


The draft master plan will have three principal components: 1) a framework plan showing neighborhood centers and land uses, 2) unified design guidelines, and 3) implementation strategies.


The draft plan is expected to be ready in 18 to 21 months. County staff expects to update the Board several times during

this period, generally following each of the three major public participation events.


When the draft master plan is complete, County staff will shepherd it through the public review and adoption process, in a manner similar to that used for the Crozet Master Plan. We estimate that the adoption process will take six to nine months.




This is provided for the Board’s information and to provide an opportunity to answer any questions the Board might have.  In addition, staff would appreciate receiving the names of any stakeholders in the Northern Development Areas that you would like to be certain are included in the planning process.




A.                  Outline of the Northern Development Areas Master Plan Scope of Services

B.                  Map of Northern Development Areas

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