Outline of the Scope of Services


The scope of services will guide the preparation of Albemarle County’s Northern Development Areas Master Plan (“Master Plan”). Preparation of the Master Plan will require close coordination with the US 29 North Corridor Transportation Study (“Transportation Study”).


The following groups will assist the consultant team throughout the planning process:

Task 1: Project Initiation & Community Visioning Workshop

Key Event:                  Charrette # 1 – Community Visioning Workshop


Key Work Product:    Community Goals and Vision Statement

Task 2: Issues Assessment – Assets, Needs, & Opportunities

Key Work Products:  Draft Assets, Needs, & Opportunities Memorandum and Draft Maps

                                    Economic Framework Memorandum

Market Assessment Report

Development Prototypes Memorandum

Task 3: Assets, Needs, & Opportunities and Initial Framework Plan Concepts

Key Event:                  Charrette # 2 – in two parts:

1.      Open House to Verify Assets, Needs & Opportunities

2.      Workshop to develop Initial Framework Plan Alternatives


Key Work Products:  Final Assets Needs and Opportunities Report and Maps

Alternative Center Maps and Framework Plan Concepts

Outline for Unified Design Principles

Outline for Initial Implementation Strategies

Task 4: Refine & Assess Framework Plan Concepts

Key Work Products:Three to Four Alternative Centers Maps and Framework Plan Concepts

Entrance Corridor streetscape and street cross section concepts

Framework Plan Alternatives Assessment Memorandum

Task 5: Develop Initial Implementation Strategies

Key Work Products:  Initial Implementation Strategies Memorandum

Draft Unified Design Principles sections and “annotated” outline

Task 6: Initial Preferred Master Plan and Implementation Strategy

Key Events:                Charrette # 3 – Workshop to Identify Initial Preferred Master Plan

                                    Architectural Review Board and Planning Commission Study Session

                                    Board of Supervisors Study Session        


Key Work Products:  Initial Preferred Master Plan

Initial Preferred Implementation Strategy

Task 7: Public Review Draft Master Plan

Key Work Products:  Draft Centers Map and Framework Plan

Draft Entrance Corridor street design concepts

                                    Draft Unified Design Principles

                                    Draft Implementation Plan

                                    Final Comments on Draft Master Plan Materials

                                    Public Review Draft of the Master Plan

Task 8: Public Review Draft Comment Process

Key Events:                Planning Commission Meeting

Board of Supervisors Meeting

Task 9: Final Northern Development Areas Master Plan Document

Key Work Products:  Final Master Plan Document

Task 10: Public Hearings (Optional)

Members of the Consultant Team may be available to assist with the public review process and/or public hearings, at the County’s discretion.


Proposed Draft Schedule

We have identified the following target weeks for the multi-day charrettes and public involvement milestones:


Charrette #1: Project Initiation & Community Visioning                              Last week of May 2005       

Charrette #2: Assets, Needs, & Opportunities & Initial Concepts                First week of October 2005

Initial Concepts Stakeholder Input Meeting                                               First Week of December 2005

Charrette #3:  Initial Preferred Master Plan & Implementation Strategy        Second Week of January 2006

Working Session #1: Review of Initial Draft                                                Second Week of April 2006

Working Session #2: Stakeholder Comment Meetings                                 Third Week of July 2006

Public Comment Period for Draft Master Plan                                             June through July 2006

The Draft Northern Development Areas Master Plan would be delivered in 18 – 21 months.


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