Request for a special use permit to construct a church facility on land zoned RA in accordance with Section 10.2.2 of the Zoning Ordinance.  The property, known as Tax Map 32 Parcel 17 is 33.668 acres and contains split zoning. The portion of the parcel associated with the special use permit contains 5.14 acres and is zoned RA. The remainder of the parcel, 28.528 acres, is zoned Light Industrial. It is located in the Rio Magisterial District on the northeast side of Airport Road, across from Laurel Hill Baptist Church. The Comprehensive Plan designates this area as Industrial Service.



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May 4, 2005


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On March 15, 2005, the Planning Commission reviewed the request by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) to construct a 24,000 square foot church along Airport Road. At that time, the Commission requested changes to Condition 4 and requested staff work out the specific wording. As the LDS Church is designed with modular partitions that can be opened to create a large area of assembly, it is unlike many other churches with fixed walls. This difference triggered changes to Condition 4. When the church uses its full area of assembly, the parking provided is 24 spaces short of that required by the Zoning Ordinance. The church uses this largest area of assembly only twice per year for conference meetings. Therefore, this condition allows for the church to function as it needs to, but not be overbuilt with parking. The applicant provided parking data for other similar churches in Virginia and confirmed that the number of spaces is suitable for their needs. The applicant has a verbal agreement with the owner of the adjacent property to enter into a shared parking agreement in conjunction with use of the full area of assembly and that was reiterated by each party at the Planning Commission public hearing.



Though the church only plans to use the full area of assembly twice per year, the Planning Commission suggested four times would allow for some flexibility and that was retained with the condition changes. Condition 4 listed reflects the church’s assembly and configuration which may be exceeded four times per year.



Strategic Direction 3: Enhance the Quality of Life for all Albemarle County Residents



The condition as revised in this summary has been reviewed and approved by zoning and legal staff.





Staff and the Planning Commission recommended approval of the special use permit with the following modifications to Condition 4:


1.  The church’s improvements and the scale and location of the improvements shall be developed in general accord with the concept plan entitled “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Rivanna Ward Waynesboro Va. Stake, Conceptual Site Layout and Utility Plan” dated January 13, 2005.


2. The proposed road or access way shall conform to public street standards for an urban section including a curb, gutter, six-foot planting strip, street trees, and five-foot sidewalk along the LDS site.


3. The area of assembly shall be limited to a maximum 8,800 square feet.


4. The use of the combined area assembly including chapel, overflow, and cultural center (gym) to facilitate conference meetings will be permitted four times per year.  Conference meetings using an assembly area exceeding 6,200 square feet, which is an area comprised of the chapel, overflow, and half of the cultural center as identified on Attachment D, shall be limited to four times per year.


5. Day care use shall be prohibited unless approved through a special use permit amendment.


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