SP-2004-0002. Charlottesville Kingdom Hall (Sign #34)



Request for special use permit to allow Charlottesville Kingdom Hall, a Church with one apartment in accordance with Sections and of the Zoning Ordinance which allow for Churches. The properties are described as Tax Map 76 Parcel 51 (3.27 acres, zoned R-2) and Tax Map 76 Parcel 52A3 (.415 acres, zoned R-4).owns at 665 Old Lynchburg Road.



Cilimberg, Benish, Echols, Grant







May 4, 2005


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On March 15, 2005, the Planning Commission reviewed the request by Charlottesville Kingdom Hall to be able to replace their existing building with a larger facility including one apartment.  The church currently serves 3 congregations and anticipates growth to 4 congregations. The new facility would accommodate the growth and allow a minister to reside at the facility.


At the Planning Commissionís public hearing, the Planning Commission was concerned about the following condition: Sidewalks are to be graded along Old Lynchburg Road (5th Street Extended), but not paved, in the locations shown on the concept plan. There was discussion by the Commission members regarding the location of this grading in relation to the public right-of-way. The Planning Commission recommended approval of this Special Use Permit with the expectation that condition # 3 would be modified before the Board of Supervisors public hearing to reflect their recommendation that necessary right of way and easements be provided to accommodate grading and an ultimate sidewalk on Old Lynchburg Road should it be constructed.



Strategic Direction 3: Enhance the Quality of Life for all Albemarle County Citizens



The conditions as noted in the staff report and as revised for the Board of Supervisors have been reviewed  and approved by the zoning and legal staff. 




Staff and the Planning Commission recommend approval of the special use permit with the following modified conditions:


1.         The development of the site shall be in general accord with the concept plan entitled Proposed Addition Kingdom Hall of Jehovahís Witnesses Charlottesville, Virginia prepared by Hardee Johnston, A.I.A., and A.S.L.A. and dated December 28, 2004.

2.         The area of assembly shall be limited to a maximum of two auditoriums with 175-seats in each.

3.         Sidewalks are to be graded along Old Lynchburg Road (5th Street), but not paved, in the locations shown on the concept plan.   The final site plan shall show an area to be graded across the front of the site to allow the future installation of a sidewalk by others (the "sidewalk area").  The final site plan shall include a note reserving the sidewalk area for future dedication.  The sidewalk area shall be graded in conjunction with the installation of other improvements on the site required by the site plan.  The sidewalk area shall be graded in compliance with the grading standards imposed by the agent.  Upon request by the County, the sidewalk area shall be dedicated for public use.  The owner shall grant all necessary temporary construction easements to allow the sidewalk to be installed. 

4.         The building shall not have more than one apartment.

5.         There shall be no day care center or private school on site without approval of a separate special use permit.


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