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VDOT Criteria to Consider Roads for Installation of Signs Advising of Maximum Penalty for Exceeding Posted Maximum Speed Limit in Certain Residence Districts (46.2-878.2 the Code of Virginia)




To qualify for sign installation, a highway shall meet the following criteria:


1.       Meet the definition of local residential, collector, or minor arterial street

2.       Have a posted speed limit of 35 mph or lower



County/Town Responsibilities

To initiate these procedures, the county or town shall request, by resolution of the local governing body, that VDOT install the appropriate signs as stipulated in 46.2-878.2 of the Code of Virginia. This request shall be submitted to the local VDOT resident engineer in the form of a resolution, along with the following support data.


Support Data Requirements:


1.       Identification of the neighborhood and specific highway(s) where the signs are requested to be installed.

2.       Confirmation that the highway(s) meet the definition of local residential, collector, or minor arterial streets as described above.

3.       Notification that a speeding problem exists and that the increased penalty has community support.



VDOT Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of VDOT to provide, install, and maintain the signs.


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