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1                        Introduction

1                        The Rural Landscape

3                        Rural Policy History

5                        Trends in Rural Areas Land Use and Development

6                        Public Input

7                        Consistency with Other Sections of the Comprehensive Plan

9                        A Vision for Rural Albemarle County

11                      Guiding Principles for the Rural Areas

13                      Rural Areas Land Uses

13                      Introduction

13                      Agricultural Uses

16                      Forestal Uses

18                      Conservation Uses

23                      Rural Commercial

23                                     Crossroads Communities

25                                     Alternative Uses

28                      Land Use Patterns, Density, and Residential Development

28                      Introduction

30                      Water Conservation and Water Protection Measures

31                      Critical Resources and Residential Development Impacts

32                      Mountains

33                      Density and Development

34                      Rural Preservation Developments

35                      Other Rural Areas Issues

35                                     Development-right Lot Sizes

36                                     Phasing of Subdivisions (Time-release)

37                                     Family Divisions

37                                     Rural Divisions

38                                     Transfer of Development Rights

40                      Land Use Patterns and Comprehensive Planning

42                      Infrastructure/Community Services

42                      Transportation

44                      Water and Sewage Disposal

46                      Fiscal and Tax Tools





A             2000 Population

B             Small Rural Parcels

C             Large Rural Parcels

D             Hazards and Limiting Factors

E              Conservation Easements

F              Important Farmland Soils

G             Important Forestal Soils

H             Albemarle County Land Use Taxation

I               Rural Areas Comprehensive Plan Areas

J              Fatal Traffic Accidents in Albemarle County, 1997-2004


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