This deed was prepared by the Albemarle County Attorney.


Tax Map 78, Parcel 15C3


This deed is exempt from taxation under Virginia Code §§ 58.1-811(A)(3) and 58.1-811(C)(4).





THIS DEED OF DEDICATION is made this ___ day of ________, 2005 by and between

BARRY E. MEADE and TRACY M. MEADE, Grantors, and the COUNTY OF ALBEMARLE, VIRGINIA, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Grantee.



WHEREAS, the Grantors are the owners in fee simple of the real property located in Albemarle County that is described below and hereinafter referred to as the “Property;”

WHEREAS, the Grantors offer to grant, convey and dedicate the Property to the County for public use, namely, a public access trail and greenway, including improvements; and

WHEREAS, the Grantee is willing to accept the Grantors’ offer of dedication.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual premises, the Grantors hereby grant, convey, and dedicate for public use to the Grantee, its successors and assigns, with GENERAL WARRANTY AND ENGLISH COVENANTS OF TITLE, the following real property, to wit:

Those certain lands, shown and designated as the 11,268 square foot area of dedication that is shaded on the plat of Robert W. Coleman, Jr., Residential Surveying Services, dated January 6, 2004, and entitled “Plat Showing Greenway Dedication Located On T.M.P. 78-15C3, Albemarle County, Virginia,” a copy of which is attached hereto and to be recorded with this deed (the “Plat”).  Reference is made to the Plat for a more particular description of the location of the described lands.


The property interest conveyed herein is a portion of that certain parcel of land shown on the Plat situated on the northeast side of the Rivanna River, being the same parcel conveyed to the Grantors by deed of record in the office of the Clerk of the Albemarle County Circuit Court at Deed Book 1958, Page 68.

This conveyance is made expressly subject to all restrictions, conditions, rights-of-way and easements, if any, contained in duly recorded deeds, plats and other instruments constituting constructive notice in the chain of title to the Property conveyed hereby, insofar as the same affect the Property, which have not expired by a time limitation contained therein or have not otherwise become ineffective. 

The Grantee, acting by and through its County Executive, duly authorized by the Board of Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia, does hereby accept the offer of dedication made by this deed, as evidenced by the signature below.

WITNESS the following signatures.


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