WHEREAS, the County of Albemarle Personnel Policy Manual has been adopted by the Board of Supervisors; and


WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors desires to authorize a Total Rewards Program for Albemarle County employees; and


            WHEREAS, the proposed Section P-65, Employee Recognition Program, sets forth the purposes of the program, recognition criteria and employee eligibility; and 


            WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors finds it appropriate to add Section P-65, Employee Recognition Program, to the Personnel Policy Manual.


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of Supervisors of Albemarle County, Virginia, hereby amends the County of Albemarle Personnel Policy Manual by adding Section P-65, Employee Recognition Program.





Section P-65                        EMPLOYEE RECOGNITION PROGRAM


A.  Purpose


The Board of Supervisors encourages its employees to provide the best possible service to our customers and citizens.  The purpose of this program is to recognize County employees who distinguish themselves in the performance of their duties and who contribute significantly to the achievement of the goals and objectives of the County. 


B.  Program Established


There is hereby established an Employee Recognition Program.  Each department is authorized to define its own recognition standards to reward employees for the following:


1.   Providing exceptional customer service

2.   Performing above and beyond normal duties and expectations

3.   Identifying and/or implementing a means to reduce the costs of providing services

4.   Demonstrating excellence in safe work practices

5.   Causing improvement in productivity, process, or quality of services

6.   Exemplifying County values of Integrity, Innovation, Stewardship and Learning


These departmental standards shall be in writing and approved by Human Resources.  Pursuant to Virginia Code section 15.2-1508, the Board of Supervisors authorizes the payment of monetary bonuses and other forms of nonmonetary awards to recognize employees who qualify for recognition under this program.


C.   Eligibility


All permanent full-time and part-time County classified employees are eligible to participate in this program.   


Adopted:  February 9, 2005

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