Transmission line, gas or oil:  The term "gas or oil transmission line" means (1) a pipeline that conveys gas or oil for the purpose of supplying gas or oil to a system including, but not limited to, the pipelines owned and operated by the City of Charlottesville extending from the Columbia Gas Transmission System at the Buck Mountain Gate Station to the City of Charlottesville's Route 29 Substation; or (2) a pipeline, located in whole or in part within a rural area zoning district, that supplies gas or oil directly from a system station to one or more distribution lines within a rural area zoning district, except when such pipeline is located (a) less than fifty (50) feet from an existing or approved public right-of-way, or (b) within an existing public utility easement.  For purposes of this definition, the term "distribution line" means a pipeline other than a transmission line that serves as a common source of supply directly from a transmission line to individual customers, or to a secondary line that serves individual customers.


            The provisions of this definition notwithstanding, any gas pipeline existing within a rural area zoning district on February 2, 2005 shall be considered a conforming use.


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