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July 30, 2001





To:  District Administrators

        Division Administrators

        Resident Engineers

        District Traffic Engineers


FROM:  Charles Nottingham


Subject:  RTC Program


As you are aware, a pilot, residential traffic calming program has been underway since January 1998, with seven counties participating, and based on the Residential Traffic Calming Guide (the Guide).  The Guide was developed in a collaborative effort by VDOTís Traffic Calming Committee (the Committee), at the request of the State Traffic Engineer.  The Committee has been monitoring the pilot program and recently completed an evaluation of the program.  Based on this evaluation, the Committee made minor revisions to the Guide and recommended making the program available statewide.  I support this recommendation as the program provides an opportunity for local jurisdictions to address their concerns about speeds on local residential streets.


While the Traffic Calming Guide (attached) provides detailed information about the program, I would like to summarize some of the key features of the program.  The program becomes available for a County after the Board of Supervisor (BOS) passed a resolution requesting the program for the County. Also, the BOS is responsible for identifying the type of funding that will be used for the traffic calming projects.  Meeting certain requirements is necessary before starting plan development for specific, individualís projects.  All inclusive consensus building is essential for successful plan development.  Applying a combination of measures, instead of repeating, one measure only, is also critical, and will provide a better long-term solution.


Since traffic calming is a new concept in many parts of the Commonwealth, the Traffic Calming Committee will be providing training at several locations this coming fall.


Additionally, an updated brochure and a short video will be made available to help with the introduction of the key features of the program.


I am glad that by making this program available we can provide an additional service to local jurisdictions.  Should you have any questions about the program, please contact Ms. Dona Kastenhofer, State Traffic Engineer, or co-chairs of the Traffic Calming Committee, Mr. Charles Kilpatrick and Mr. Sherrell Crow.


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