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Review Strategic Plan quarterly progress report




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Ms. White, Mr. Davis, Ms. Allshouse.






February 2, 2005



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The Board initiated the County’s FY 2003/04 – FY 2005/06 strategic plan in April, 2002. Based on demographic data and results of the 2002 citizen survey, the initial plan included four strategic directions and seven goals. The Board continues to shape the County’s strategic plan and provide guidance to staff in response to changes in data and strategic challenges that face the County. At their 2003 strategic planning retreat, the Board added a goal that addresses the County’s growth and urbanization.  In April 2004, the Board approved the addition of four Life Long Learning Goals. Twenty-four strategic initiatives were funded in the FY 04/05 budget.


The Board held its 2004 Strategic Planning Retreat on October 29, 2004 to review the County’s progress and new data, make adjustments to the plan and to provide guidance to staff.


The Board receives Strategic Plan progress reports on a quarterly basis.




October 2004 – December 2004 Quarterly Report




Results of the October Strategic Planning Retreat:

At the Board’s 2004 Strategic Planning Retreat, the Board reviewed the County’s new 5 year Financial Forecasting Model, information from the 2004 Citizen Survey, strategic challenges identified by County employees, annual changes in the County’s Community Profile, and made the following amendments concerning the County’s current strategic plan:


1.         Issue:        Transportation

Action:      Add as a goal within Enhance Quality of Life (3)


Add the following Goal to the Strategic Plan: 


2.         Issue:        Water (ground and surface)

Action:      Quality and quantity issues already included at the objective level


Add the following strategy to the integrated water resource plan objective in the Strategic Plan: 


Note:  The Board began this discussion at the November 11th meeting with the City.


3.         Issue:        Affordable Housing

Action:      Currently covered in the Strategic Plan.  Over the next year make it more of a focus for the board

                 through updates, activity and action.


Add the following housing strategies to the Strategic Plan: 



4.         Issue:        Balance between rural and urban mix

            Action:      Accelerate the review and approval of the Rural Areas Comprehensive Plan amendment.  The

                            Board set a target for approval by the end of January.                             


October – December 04 Progress:

Following are highlights of activities during the past quarter. 


1.  TransportationThe Board recently met with the Charlottesville City Council regarding a regional approach to addressing important transportation needs.  A regional group has been established to determine priority projects and to evaluate alternatives to funding those needs.  The Board will be considering transportation funding through the review of the Capital Improvement Plan over the next few months. Staff plans future discussions with the Board to further clarify expected outcomes for the new transportation goal.


2.  Water:  Since the Board Retreat, the City, County, Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, and the Albemarle County Service Authority Board are having joint meetings to review and select options to ensure the localities long-term future water supply.  They’re also looking at ways they might modify/combine the Authority structures in the future.


3.  Affordable Housing:  The Affordable Housing Policy Advisory Committee and the Housing Committee presented a report on implementation strategies to the Board in December.  The report included an outline of a proposed Homeownership Assistance Program for help with down payment and closing costs. Staff will continue to work on strategies to encourage developers to contribute to the affordable housing goals of the County.  Staff may recommend a work session with the Board and Planning Commission to discuss options and opportunities. Housing and Community Development Department staff members are working together to identify potential ways to streamline the development review process, attending to the balance required for meeting regulations and the need for affordable housing. The Housing Office is obtaining summary data and housing-related ordinances from other counties.


4.  Comp Plan Amendment Approvals: The Board adopted the Comprehensive Plan Amendment incorporating the Crozet Master Plan on December 1, 2004.  Implementation strategies developed through the strategic plan will be used to implement the Crozet Master Plan, the Pantops Plan currently underway, and the upcoming Northern Development Areas Plan.  The board will hold a Rural Area Comp Plan public hearing on February 9. 2005. Staff anticipates that the Board will want to hold one or more Rural Area Plan work sessions following this public hearing regarding implementation issues.  Additional information on the Rural Area Comp Plan amendment and implementation plan is included in Attachment B - Objective 2.1.2


5.  Growth and Urbanization: Staff is assessing needs for a more traditional public works operation and other policy and fiscal issues based on recent input from the Board regarding urban infrastructure.  These recommendations will address both master planned communities as well as existing urban areas.


6.  Progress on specific Strategic Plan Objectives:  Staff members continue their efforts to achieve the Plan of Action’s Objectives by the slated timelines. While staff continues efforts in many of these areas, as of December 04, 7 priority objectives have been completed.  Attachment B provides additional details of the strategic plan priority objectives that are currently underway. 


7. Upcoming Changes to Strategic Plan Reporting System: As the Board is aware; staff is working to develop an outcomes-based reporting system for the strategic plan. A draft reporting format will be presented to the Board for their review and approval within the next quarter.




Staff recommends the Board review this quarterly strategic plan progress report and continue to provide direction to the County’s Strategic Plan.





Attachment A:  Strategic Plan Framework

Attachment B:  Priority Objectives Report
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