Attachment A

Appropriation #2005040                                                                                                                         $54,288.54

The Albemarle County Public Schools received donations in the amount of $3,000.00.  Luck Stone Corporation donated $1,000.00 and the Stone Robinson Elementary PTO donated $2,000.00.  These donations will be used to offset the cost of installing a climbing wall at Stone Robinson Elementary School.


Albemarle County Schools received a donation in the amount of $425.00 from Gary W. Taylor.  This donation will be used to support the fine arts programs for elementary schools.


The textbook fund collected $580.54 for textbooks sold to Resource Books, LLC.  It is requested this money be appropriated for FY04-05 to purchase replacement textbooks.


Woodbrook Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $100.00 from Fred and Suzanne Karem. This donation will be used by the School Community Group for sponsoring the “Reading Nights Program”.


Monticello High School received an anonymous donation in the amount of $2,500.00.  This donation will be used to purchase instructional materials and athletic materials for the school.


Broadus Wood Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $225.00 from Buck Mountain Episcopal Church in memory of Mrs. Robbie Proffitt.  Mrs. Proffitt was a reading volunteer for Broadus Wood Elementary School for many years.  This donation will be used to purchase reading materials for the school.


Albemarle County Schools has received a grant award in the amount of $47,458.00.  “Opening Doors, through English Literacy and Civics Program” has been funded through a competitive grant awarded by Virginia Adult Education.  The goal of the two year federal grant is to help ESOL students to integrate into the community by focusing on employment and work skills as they learn English.  “Opening Doors” is designed to partner the successful methodologies, curricula, community partnerships, and staff of the Albemarle Adult Education Program with the potential of the community at large and the ESOL community specifically, to determine employment needs, develop classes/workshops to address those needs, and implement on-going efforts to expand opportunities to improve language acquisition and job skills services.  It is a cost effective program to connect the ESOL population to the community, while at the same time improve English language, job skills, and job opportunities, provide area employers and volunteer/service organization with a more informed, qualified and productive job pool, provide information to students and their children on career planning, improve the job force and increase volunteerism in the Central Virginia area, and ultimately increase ESOL students involvement in their community.



Appropriation #2005041                                                                                                                        $100,774.00

Funding is needed for roof repairs at Stone Robinson Elementary School. Funding is available from the Glenmore proffer to be used for this purpose.



Appropriation #2005042                                                                                                                         $28,500.00

At its meeting on Tuesday, January 18th, the ECC Management Board approved the transfer of funds from the ECC Fund Balance Account in the amount of $28,500.00 to be used towards the purchase of a new vehicle from the State Contract for the ECC.


The Management Board has approved this vehicle since the ECC now has responsibility for the radio tower sites. The ECC is making frequent trips to deal with operational issues and construction of the 800 MHz radio system. This will only become more frequent as the completed system comes on line which will include system testing. The vehicle will also be used to conduct testing of the Mobile Data Computer system. In addition, it will be used by the Emergency Services Coordinator during official functions and duties. Specifically, it will be used to tow the CERT Emergency Trailer when needed in addition to meetings, public presentations, and responding to assist Public Safety agencies when requested.


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