Albemarle County Planning Commission

January 11, 2005


The Albemarle County Planning Commission held a meeting and a public hearing on Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 6:00 p.m., at the County Office Building, Room 241, Second Floor, 401 McIntire Road, Charlottesville, Virginia. Members attending were William Rieley, Rodney Thomas, Calvin Morris, Jo Higgins and Pete Craddock.  Absent were Bill Edgerton, Marcia Joseph and David J. Neuman, FAIA, Architect for University of Virginia.  Mary Hughes attended the meeting to represent David J. Neuman.


Other officials present were David Benish, Chief of Planning & Community Development; Frances MacCall, Senior Planner; Amelia McCulley, Division Director of Zoning & Current Development; Juandiego Wade, Transportation Planner; Glenn Brooks, Senior Engineer; Bill Fritz, Chief of Current Development; Mark Graham, Director of Community Development and Greg Kamptner, Assistant County Attorney.


Call to Order and Establish Quorum:


Mr. Benish called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. and established a quorum. He asked for nominations for a temporary Chairman for tonight’s meeting due to the absence of the Chairman and Vice-Chair.


Mr. Rieley nominated Mr. Thomas to be temporary Chairman.


Mr. Morris seconded the nomination.


The motion carried by a vote of (2:1). (Higgins – No) (Thomas – Abstain)  (Edgerton, Joseph – Absent)


Mr. Benish turned the meeting over to Mr. Thomas.


Public Hearing Items:


CPA 2004-00005 Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan:  Proposal to amend the Comprehensive Plan to include, by reference, the updated Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan. The applicant is seeking a resolution of intent from the Planning Commission. The Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport is located on Bowen Loop at the intersection of Dickerson Road (Route 606) and Airport Road (Route 649).  The Airport is located on 558 acres and is zoned Rural Areas and Airport Impact Area (RA and AIA). The Comprehensive Plan designates this property as Institutional and is located in the Hollymead Community.  The property, described as Tax Map 32 Parcel 10 is located in the White Hall Magisterial District.  (Juandiego Wade)


Mr. Wade stated that the Commission had a work session on the Airport Master Plan update at their December 14 meeting.  At that time the Commission provided comments and the Executive Director provided some background information.  Tonight staff is presenting information for the public hearing and some actual language proposed to be amended in the Comprehensive Plan, which are provided on pages 6 through 9.  The Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport is specifically mentioned in two sections of the Comprehensive Plan – the Transportation Section (pages 189 and 191 of current Land Use Plan) and in the Hollymead Community Section (page 82 of the current Land Use Plan). Staff has provided (on Attachments B and C) the proposed changes to the text of the Comprehensive Plan incorporating the updated Master Plan. The New language is in bold italics and the old language will be struck through. Staff recommends for the Planning Commission to hear public comments and adopt proposed revision to language found on Attachment B and C. Staff will schedule a work session with the Board of Supervisors.


Mr. Thomas asked if there were any questions for staff.  There being none, he opened the public hearing and asked if the applicant would like to address the Commission.


Bryant Elliot, Executive Director of the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority, stated that he spent a great deal of time before the Commission last month. They propose and seek approval of their request to include their Master Plan that was adopted by their Board in August as part of the Comprehensive Plan for the County of Albemarle.  If there are any questions, he would be happy to answer them.


Mr. Thomas asked if there were any questions for Mr. Elliott.  There being none, he invited comment from any one else in the audience regarding this request.  Since there was none, he closed the public hearing to bring the matter back before the Commission for discussion and a possible motion.


Mr. Rieley moved to send CPA-2004-00005, Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan, forward to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation for approval.


Mr. Rieley moved to send CPA-2004-00005, Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan, forward to the Board of Supervisors with a recommendation for approval.


Mr. Morris seconded the motion.


The motion carried with a vote of (5:0).  (Joseph, Edgerton – Absent)


Mr. Thomas stated that the motion was unanimously approved.  He asked what date the Board would hear this request.


Mr. Benish pointed out that the final Board hearing date had not been set because they were waiting to see what type of public input was received.


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