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Appropriation #2005039                                                                                                                              $117,089.90

The Albemarle County Public Schools received the Enhancing Education Through Technology (Ed Tech) Sub-Grant in the amount of $36,429.08 for FY04-05.  These funds will be used to improve student academic achievement through the use of technology in schools, providing funds for teacher training and curriculum development.


Several years ago, the Virginia Department of Education was able to provide school divisions with graphing calculators using funding provided by the General Assembly.  These calculators were purchased through a state contract and were shipped to divisions for instructional and assessment use in mathematics and science.  Calculators were provided for 9th and 10th graders and for some 8th grade students.  Since that time, replacement calculators, repairs and batteries have been the responsibility of the divisions.  Federal funds have become available to help school divisions implement the statewide Standards of Learning assessment system.  These funds can be used to purchase new scientific and graphing calculators, repair non-functioning calculators, or purchase calculator batteries.  To afford maximum flexibility and accommodate the time available, the department will provide direct grants to school divisions for the calculators.  The grant distribution for Albemarle County Schools is $46,712.12 based upon a proportion of each division’s enrollment in middle school (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) mathematics and science, Algebra I, Algebra II and Geometry in 8th, 9th, and 10th grades.


The Reading First Grant is a federally funded program designated for Yancey Elementary School.  The grant funds support a comprehensive K-3 reading instructional program and the implementation of prevention and intervention services to include; hiring a literacy coordinator to work with staff to provide high quality research based classroom reading instruction in grades K-3, purchasing research based instructional materials to be used for reading instruction in K-1, providing professional development related to implementing the research based reading instructional materials purchased, purchasing research based intervention materials to be used for reading intervention in 2nd  and 3rd grade classrooms, and purchasing a variety of pleasure reading books for students to read in addition to those books read during core reading instruction time.  Funding for FY04-05 was increased by $16,912.33 from the original budget amount of $90,577.00.


The Virginia Commission for the Arts awarded Touring Grants to Greer Elementary in the amount of $468.00, Meriwether Lewis Elementary in the amount of $446.00 and Jack Jouett Middle in the amount of $935.00.  These grant awards will help fund the Theatre IV performance at each school.


The Wal-Mart Foundation awarded several Albemarle County Public Schools grants totaling $3,128.03.  The awards were made to Henley Middle in the amount of $500.00, Jack Jouett Middle in the amount of $500.00, Walton Middle in the amount of $500.00, Albemarle High in the amount of $500.00, Western Albemarle High in the amount of $628.03, and Monticello High in the amount of $500.00.  These funds will be used for community service opportunities or service learning projects.


The Frederick S. Upton Foundation made a grant award in the amount of $6,500.00 to Henley Middle School.  This award will support Henley’s Cultural Enrichment Program in funding three artists-in-residences programs.  The project will involve interactive activities to include hands on learning experiences for students with performing, visual, and musical arts.


Woodbrook Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $100.00 from Mark and Michelle Conner.  This donation will be used by the School Community Group to assist with neighborhood based activities and to train parents and teachers on focus areas and to support the homework club for the students at Woodbrook Elementary School.


Cale Elementary School has received donations in the amount of $1,600.00.   Ronald and Cynthia Michener donated $100.00, Jeffrey and Christine Riley donated $500.00, and TIFF Advisory Services donated $1,000.00.  These donations will be used to support the Science and Social Studies activities, projects and materials.


Albemarle High School has received a refund check from the National Organization Service, Inc in the amount of $1,837.38.  In FY03-04 the Albemarle High School Media Center held their annual magazine subscription fundraiser.  Albemarle High School incurred expenses; however, the company did not issue a refund check during last fiscal year.  The company has now issued a refund and it is requested that this refund be appropriated for use in FY04-05. 


Various Shannon Foundation Grants have an unexpended fund balance from FY03-04.  Holders of these grants have been encouraged to expend these small balances.  It is requested that these funds in the amount of $2,014.96 be re-appropriated for FY04-05.


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