ZMA-2004-024 Old Trail Village  



Beights Development Corporation has requested a rezoning for approximately 237 acres from Rural Area, and Residential - RA, R1, and R6 zoning districts, to Neighborhood Model District - NMD for a combination of residential and commercial uses located on the north side of Route 250 West, approximately 2,000+ feet east of the intersection of Miller School Rd. and Route 250. (See Attachment A)



Cilimberg, Benish, Echols, Grant





September 14, 2005


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On August 23, 2005, the Planning Commission reviewed the request by Beights Development Corporation for approval of Old Trail Village. (See Attachment A)


The Planning Commission endorsed the staff recommendation in the August 23rd staff report, and recommended approval of Old Trail Village to the Board of Supervisors. The following additional conditions were part of the Commissionís recommendation:

-          Make changes listed in the applicantís summary of changes, (See Attachment B) needed for the park on both the plan and in the proffers.

-          Increase phasing of the non-residential area with the linkage between the residential development and the non-residential development to be continued beyond the first 500 houses. 

-          Remove lots in the stream buffer.

-          Review and verify conservation and preservation areas.

-          Revise the code of development and general development plan to be consistent with all of the items.

-          Revise the proffers relative to affordable housing based on the discussions to date with Ron White.

-          Have staff work cooperatively with the developer and the school system to develop a mutually agreeable comprehensive system of pedestrian access to the schools.

-          Limit the uses along Route 250 and reduce densities.



In addition to action on the Old Trail rezoning, The Planning Commission specifically requested that the Board address the following issues related to Crozet as a whole:

-          The parking restrictions in the existing downtown Crozet area should be reviewed and potentially studied for revision to allow the Crozet area to better support its businesses that exist and could come.

-          Put all of the County resources possible towards getting Jarmanís Gap Road higher on the VDOT list of priorities.

-          Have staff work with the schools and applicant to talk about interconnectivity on the trails and traffic.

-          The Board should direct staff to work at making sure the downtown Crozet improvements are actually done. 



Staff and the applicant have worked on resolving all of these issues; however, the following items still need to be addressed:


1.      Pedestrian access to the schools. There is a need for clarity regarding obligation of the developer to build improvements, such as foot bridges and building of the trails, for the pedestrian connections. Once dedicated, the County will maintain paths connecting to the schools.

2.      Greenway system needs to be delineated on the application plan. Currently only a portion of the greenway system is depicted. In order to include all the school connections shown on the application plan, the greenway system must be inclusive of all paths.

3.      Proffers relative to affordable housing need to be better defined. The current proffers are not specific in terms of how many units could be affordable. Without specific detail regarding the total number of affordable housing units, it is very difficult to consider a method for banking affordable units as suggested in the current proffers. Assurance needs to be made that the affordable units will be interspersed throughout the development and that there will be a commitment to the mix of unit types, so that we do not end up with too many units of one type. The current proffers also do not address rental qualifications

4.      The proffers, generally are not in acceptable form.

5.      Code of Development has a few minor discrepancies and inconsistencies with the general development plan that need to be corrected.



Based on the Planning Commission recommendation, staff does not recommend approval of the rezoning until the previously mentioned outstanding items have been appropriately addressed.




Attachment A:  August 23, 2005 Draft Planning Commission Minutes

Attachment B:  Applicantís Summary of Changes

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