November 10, 2004

Table of Subdivision Text Changes

Recommended by DISC II


Section #

And Name

Proposed Change

14-234 PC considerations for private streets

Add statements to distinguish private streets in the rural areas from private streets in the development areas.

14-313 Overlot Grading Plan

Limit the circumstances in which an overlot grading plan is needed, and clarify its application.

14-409 Coordination and extension of streets

Make distinctions between extensions of r.o.w. and construction to the property line.  Adds agent waiver for construction to the property line and commission waiver for extending the r.o.w. to the property line. Provides criteria for both waivers.

14-410 H Curb, curb & gutter

Replace agent waiver with commission waiver and replace criteria for waiver.

14-411 Standards for public streets

Allow for agent waiver of ultimate pavement width where street extensions are required under 14-409.

14-412 Standards for private streets

Makes distinctions between private street standards in the rural areas and development areas.  Removes waiver of private street standards and easement or r.o.w. width, for the development areas, by adding a reference to alternative standards found in the design standards manual. (Leaves rural area private street standards and easement width waivers as currently written)

14-422 Sidewalks and planting strips

Remove agent waiver and replace with commission waiver.  Add criteria for waivers.


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