II. Strategies for IMPLEMENTATION                                                                                   ATTACHMENT  A

A. Costs and Strategies for Funding Improvements

Implementation of the recommendations of the Master Plan will take place in several different forms: through county capital expenditures, land use decisions, private sector investment, community initiatives, and programs and services provided by the county.  Existing and recommended capital expenditures, additional programs, financing tools, and land use options are described below.  The projected population and dollar figures associated with the recommended capital improvements set forth in this section are estimates prepared by the Renaissance Planning Group, the technical consultants for the Crozet Master Plan, and represent anticipated levels considered to be accurate at the time of the final report (July 9, 2003).  The County’s Capital Improvements Program (CIP), based on a two-year financial cycle, is the final authority for funding policy, including funding level, timing and sources associated with specific improvements.  The actual programming of projects in the CIP will be based on the real timing of population growth, actual development activity that occurs and availability of funding from the sources anticipated in this section.


As outlined in the charts that follow, some of the needed infrastructure and facilities improvements within the Crozet Development Area can be funded from county sources.  Several of the future expenses have already been included in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) as indicated below.  It is also important to emphasize that many other sources of funding for community infrastructure and facilities exist. In particular, the Master Plan begins to define the role that private developers and the local citizens need to take in gathering and directing funds towards the creation of dynamic neighborhoods.


It is important to note that several of the items already identified in the CIP may take more time to accomplish than originally projected in the current CIP.  As one example, locating the library on the Mountainside block downtown may well result in a longer development process, because of the need to coordinate with other uses and property owners on the block.  A more realistic time-frame for completion of that project is around 2008-10 given the public/private collaboration that will be involved.  The following list refers to current CIP dates, since new timelines have not yet been established.


Current CIP funded items, recommended by the Master Plan:


·         New library: $5,378,000 (2005-2007 CIP)

·         Henley Middle School renovation: $4,433,000 (2003-2005 CIP)

·         Additional High School capacity: $7,500,000 (2007-2008 CIP, all high schools)

·         New Crozet Elementary School: $12,388,000 (2008-2011 CIP)

·         St. George’s Avenue sidewalk: $124,000 (2004-2005 CIP)

·         Downtown sidewalk/streetscape: $300,000 (2004-2005 CIP)

·         Railroad Avenue sidewalk: $67,000 (2006-2007 CIP)

·         Design of road projects related to various Neighborhood Master Plans: ($200,000 each year for all areas, CIP)

·         Street lamp Program: exact amount to be determined

·         Road Construction Revenue Sharing for traffic calming measures: exact amount to be determined




Items not yet funded but recommended by the Master Plan for inclusion in future CIP budgets:    


·         Eastern Avenue design and engineering: $500,000 (2004-2005)

·         Eastern Avenue bridge: $4,000,000 (2008-2009)

·         Recycling Center: $250,000 (2007).  [Currently three recycling centers are recommended for              county as a whole but specific locations have not been selected.  Given the anticipated growth in the area, it is recommended that one of the centers be located in Crozet.]

·         Greenway development: as much funding should be allocated per year as may be available to meet the objectives of the Master Plan.  [Currently $25,000 is allocated per year for the county as a whole.  Citizen volunteer effort will be critical to building greenway trails.]



Items recommended for private sector funding: or public/private collaboration:


·         Western Park: estimated $2,000,000 (2005-2006, private development)

·         Eastern Park: estimated $2,000,000 (2005-2006, private development)

·         Downtown Park (Main Street): estimated $400,000 (public-spirited development)

·         Neighborhood Parks: estimated $200,000 each (private development)

·         Greenway development: estimated $30,000 per year – see note above (land is dedicated through private development)

·         Western Avenue: $4 million (2004-2005, private development)

·         Main Street at Crozet Avenue: $500,000 (2005-2006, private development or public/private partnership; this should be a cost sharing arrangement with the lumber business, since they are the principal beneficiary of the initial block(s) of Main Street, east of Crozet Avenue)

·         Eastern Avenue: $4 million (2004-2007, private development)

·         Eastern Avenue underpass: $1 million (2005-2006, private development)

·         Main Street extensions: $2,500,000 (2006 - ?, depending upon the pace of private development)

·         Bike/pedestrian improvements in developing  neighborhoods: $TBD (2007-2011, private development)


The following tables identify in graphic form various projects in the Crozet Development Area.  Some of these are underway or scheduled as a part of the County’s Capital Improvement Program or through VDOT.  Some are recommended for the future.  In the latter case, preliminary cost estimates are provided.  In the case of CIP and VDOT projects, currently allocated amounts are included.


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