SP-2004-0045 Charlottesville First Assembly



Request for special use permit to expand church facility by increasing the size of the church parking lot in accordance with Section of the zoning ordinance.  The property described as Tax Map 61 Parcel 153A1 is zoned R-4 and contains 4.71 acres.  It is located in the Rio Magisterial District on East Rio Road (Rt. 631) between CATECH and the Southern Railroad bridge.  The Comprehensive Plan designates this area as Institutional in Neighborhood One.



Cilimberg, Benish, Echols, Dougherty



 AGENDA DATE:  November 10, 2004


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On October 26, the Planning Commission reviewed a request for an amendment to the special use permit for the Charlottesville First Assembly church located along Rio Road, adjacent to CATEC. The special use permit would allow the church to expand their parking areas. At the public hearing, the Commission raised two concerns. The first concern was whether additional right-of-way was needed for the Meadowcreek Parkway along this section of Rio Road. The second concern was with trees and parking lot design.

To address these concerns the PC recommended the following conditions be added to the special use permit:


The applicant should show on the plan the reservation of VDOT right-of-way as determined by staff for future dedication on demand by the County.


Six additional trees should be incorporated into the site in the front half of the new parking lot, to be administratively reviewed by staff.



Staff has researched right-of-way needs with VDOT and the County Engineer and determined that the right-of-way along Rio Road will not need to be changed along the Charlottesville First Assembly property, as the road is expanding to the north and east on the other side of the road. The existing right-of-way is sufficient to accommodate the new road. The basis for the limits of the area to be reserved for dedication were determined by the County Engineer, based on the drawings for the Meadowcreek Parkway dated March 5, 2004. 

However, VDOT is requesting a right-of-way dedication for the new entrance design that is part of this special use permit. Pastor Pete Harwig, the appropriate representative of the church, supports this dedication.


Since the Commission meeting, staff has worked with the applicant to provide more specific recommendations about the location of the additional six trees. The Commission asked staff to further refine the conditions once the issue of the right-of-way was resolved.



Strategic Direction 2: Protect the County’s natural, scenic and historic resources.

Strategic Direction 3: Enhance the Quality of Life for all Albemarle County Citizens




Staff believes the following conditions now satisfy the Planning Commission’s concerns and recommends approval of the special use permit with these conditions:


1. The church’s improvements and the scale and location of the improvements shall be developed in general accord with the concept plan entitled “Charlottesville First Assembly Minor Amendment to Valid Special Use Permit” prepared by Terra Partners, LLC and dated July 19, 2004; (the "concept plan"), as further modified as required by conditions 3 and 4;


2. Day care use shall be prohibited unless approved through a special use permit amendment;


3. The owner shall reserve the proposed right-of-way for dedication for public use upon demand by the County that is identified on the plan modified by Jack Kelsey, attached hereto.  The site plan shall show the reserved right-of-way and include the following note: “Right-of-way reserved for dedication for public use upon demand by the County";


4.  The owner shall plant and maintain six additional shade trees in the front portion of the parking lot to further buffer the visual impact of the parking lot along Rio Road and to address the urban heat island dynamic. At least two of the six trees shall be planted in the center of the first full row of parking parallel to Rio Road. The remaining three trees shall be placed in the area between Rio Road and the parking lot to augment the street trees shown on the plan. 


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