Attachment C


September 29, 2004



Chuck Newton

Hightech Signs

2165 Seminole Trail

Charlottesville, VA 22902


RE:  ARB-2004-057: KIA Signs; Tax Map 78, Parcel 9


Dear Mr. Newton:


The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board reviewed the above noted item at its meeting on Monday, September 20, 2004.  The Board unanimously approved a Certificate of Appropriateness, pending satisfaction of the following conditions to be administratively approved by staff:


  1. Revise the Price cabinet sign to individual channel letters mounted to the wall.
  2. Revise the designs of the cabinet signs for the Kia wall sign, the Parts and Service wall sign, and the freestanding sign, to indicate opaque backgrounds and non-illuminated rings.
  3. Revise the Price sign location to be centered over the door, with a maximum letter height of 18 inches.
  4. Revise the Parts & Service wall sign location to be centered over the door.  
  5. Revise the sketch plan to show a freestanding sign size that is coordinated with the sign size shown on the design drawings. Show that the sign will fit between the 5 setback and the edge of the landscape bed. Show the 5 setback measured from the property line.
  6. Regarding the freestanding sign, remove the 10 base. Provide a brick base that matches the brick of the building and that is proportional to the cabinet, and that fits within the setback.
  7. The Kia wall sign approval is based on the drawing with the dimensions, not the photo display.
  8. The box sign for the Kia wall sign is acceptable if there is 3 inches of clear space above and below it. 


Please provide 2 copies of the revised drawings or other information addressing each of these conditions at your earliest convenience. Include a memo indicating how each condition has been satisfied. If changes other than those requested have been made, identify those changes in the memo also. Also note that any new light fixtures not included in the site plan approval will require additional review. When staff's review of your revised information indicates that all conditions of approval have been met, a Certificate of Appropriateness may be issued.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.




Margaret Maliszewski

Design Planner


Cc:       ARB file           

Keith Lancaster


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