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SEPTEMBER 20, 2004


The Albemarle County Architectural Review Board met on Monday, September 20, 2004, 1:00 p.m., Meeting Room # 241, County Office Building, Charlottesville, Virginia.  Those members present were Candace M.P. Smith, AIA, Chairman; Charles T. Lebo and Katie Hobbs. Absent was Paul Wright and M. Kirk Train, AIA, Vice-Chairman. Staff present was Margaret Maliszewski and Amy Arnold. 



A quorum was established and Ms. Smith called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m.





ARB-2004-104: South Pantops Office - Final Review for a Certificate of Appropriateness (Tax Map 078, Parcel 73A)

Proposal:  To construct two office buildings.


ARB-2004-: KIA Signs - Comprehensive Sign Review and Certificate of Appropriateness for Signs (Tax Map 78, Parcel 9)

Proposal:  To install one freestanding and three wall signs.


Staff Presentation:

Margaret Maliszewski stated that this was a review of the signage for the KIA site. Last year a Certificate of Appropriateness was issued for the building revisions and the site changes in May, 2003.  When that proposal was reviewed it did not include any signage for the building on that site. There is currently a temporary sign located on this site.  The proposal is for two wall signs for the front and one wall sign for the side of the building and a new freestanding sign. There are a couple of issues with each of those sign proposals in terms of meeting the sign guidelines and the types of signs that the ARB has been encouraging and approving over the past several years.  The primary issue is regarding the freestanding sign, in which the base does not match the brick of the building and the size of the base, when it is shown with the required 5 foot setback, would actually extend into the parking area.  In summary, the sizes are not coordinated.  She noted that the recommendations are outlined in the staff report.


Applicant Presentation:

Chuck Newton, representative of Hightech Signs, stated that they understand that the base is too wide. They plan to take off the bottom part of the base and have the columns that run under KIA itself just extend to the bottom.  He pointed out that the sign would then fit into the allotted space.  This is another instance where they have gotten into a national brand signage.  He acknowledged the opaque background issue and noted that he had previously warned his clients that they were going to have to do that.  The cabinet signs were chosen because they were more economical than the channel letter signs.  The applicant would really like to keep the KIA logo signage on the building, which obviously matches the monument signage.  They would opaque the red background on that sign.  There is room to move towards the channel letters on the other signs. The backgrounds will be opaque either way, but it was not submitted as such because the corporate level of KIA would not like for that to happen.  He pointed out that they would be willing to black out those backgrounds so that only the letters would be illuminated in the cabinet signs.  But, they would really like to keep the KIA brand signage on the building as far as the cabinet sign goes.  They were willing to move away from the cabinet signs for the Parts and Service and Price signs.


Ms. Smith noted the simplistic drawings and questioned the exact measurements for the wall signs.  She asked why the wall signs were off-center.


Mr. Lebo and Ms. Hobbs agreed that the outer rings should not be illuminated.


Motion:   Mr. Lebo moved for approval of a Certificate of Appropriateness, with the following conditions to be administratively approved by staff:

1.       Revise the Price cabinet sign to individual channel letters mounted to the wall.

2.       If the ARB should approve the use of a cabinet sign for the Kia wall sign, the Parts and Service wall sign, and the freestanding sign, revise the designs to indicate opaque backgrounds and non-illuminated rings.

3.       Revise the Price sign location to be centered over the door, with a maximum letter height of 18 inches.

4.       Revise the Parts & Service wall sign location to be centered over the door.  

5.       Revise the sketch plan to show a freestanding sign size that is coordinated with the sign size shown on the design drawings. Show that the sign will fit between the 5 setback and the edge of the landscape bed. Show the 5 setback measured from the property line.

6.       Regarding the freestanding sign, remove the 10 base. Provide a brick base that matches the brick of the building and that is proportional to the cabinet, and that fits within the setback.

7.       The Kia wall sign approval is based on the drawing with the dimensions, not the photo display.

8.      The box sign for the Kia wall sign is acceptable if there is 3 inches of clear space above and below it.  NOTE: Any new light fixtures not included in the site plan approval will require additional review.


Ms. Hobbs seconded the motion.


The motion carried (3:0).  (Train, Wright Absent)


ARB-2004-102: Ensign Mortgage/Piedmont Title/Union Bank Signs - Comprehensive Sign Review and Certificate of Appropriateness for Signs (Tax Map 61, Parcel 123F)

Proposal:  To install wall signs




Timberwood Grill: Review of materials and colors

Brown Auto Park: Review of pre-cast and stucco samples

West Rio Center: Signs

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Airport Road Site




The meeting adjourned at 3:49 p.m. to the next meeting on Monday, October 4, 2004. 


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