SP-2004-0016. Forest Lakes North Swim and Tennis Club (Signs #23&94) and

SP-2004-0017. Forest Lakes South Swim and Tennis Club (Sign #18)



Request for special use permit to allow all Forest Lakes Associates developments within the Forest Lakes North and Forest Lakes South neighborhoods to use the swim and tennis club facilities of either neighborhood in accordance with Sections 5.1.2, 5.1.16,,,, and of the Zoning Ordinance which allows for swim, golf, tennis ad similar facilities.  The properties are described as Tax Map 46B3 Parcel B ( acres, zoned R-4) and Tax Map 46B5 Parcel 1B ( acres, zoned PUD).




Cilimberg, Benish, Echols







November 3, 2004


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On July 13, 2004, the Planning Commission reviewed the request by Forest Lakes Associates for residents of the Forest Lakes developments to be able to use either of the two facilities.  Forest Lakes Associates owns the clubs and plans to turn the facilities over to the Forest Lakes Homeowner’s Association in the future.  Several parcels nearby or adjacent to Forest Lakes could be developed residentially and be served by the Forest Lakes clubs.  In addition to the request for joint use of the facilities, the applicant requested that additional contiguous properties be served by the clubs, if they were developed residentially. 


Prior to the Planning Commission’s public hearing, residents of Forest Lakes and members of the club contacted staff with worries that the number of new units potentially served by the clubs could overwhelm the facilities they would be accepting. They asked that a cap be placed on the number of additional dwelling units to use the clubs.  After talking with the applicant, staff recommended to the Planning Commission at their July 13 meeting that a cap of 100 new residential units be included as part of a condition of the special use permit.  At the Commission meeting, the applicant argued that the cap should be “around 125”.  The Commission generally agreed with the applicant, but made their recommendation for approval contingent on the Homeowner’s Association and the applicant finding a mutually agreeable number. Since July, the Association and Applicants have worked to develop that specific number.



Strategic Direction 2: Protect the County’s natural, scenic and historic resources.

Strategic Direction 3: Enhance the Quality of Life for all Albemarle County Citizens



Staff received an email from the Forest Lakes Homeowner’s Association and an email from Forest Lakes Associates (the applicant) indicating they have mutually agreed to a cap of 125 new units which could be served by the clubs.




Staff and the Planning Commission recommended approval of the special use permit with a single condition.  The new wording of the condition satisfies the Commission’s request for agreement between the applicant and homeowner’s association for the number of additional units to be served by the facilities.


Staff and the Planning Commission recommend approval of the special use permit with this condition: 


1.   The use, as approved, shall be limited to the residents and guests of the following developments:  Forest Lakes South, Springridge, Pine Ridge, Lanford Hills, Steeplechase, Amberfield, Cove Pointe, Edgewater, Gateway, Worthcrossing, Chelsea, Arbor Lake, Waterford, Watercrest, Copperknoll, Echo Ridge, Ridgefield, Poplar Ridge, Heather Glen, Whispering Woods, Timberwood, Timber Pointe, Autumn Woods . Any future residential developments, contiguous to the developments listed, may be permitted to use the facilities, if authorized by the owner of the facilities.  The total number of additional dwelling units permitted to use the facilities shall not exceed 125.


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