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Appropriation #2005024                                                                                                                     $20,000.00

This funding allocates $20,000.00 between the departments based on FTE to implement an Employee Recognition Program. This was approved by the Board at the September 1, 2004 Board meeting.


Appropriation #2005025                                                                                                                     $10,000.00

Juvenile Court Assessment was displaced from the Juvenile Court as a result of building renovation. Funding in the amount of $10,000.00 is needed to pay rent to the Farm Credit Bureau for October through June. Funding for the rent is split 50/50 with the City of Charlottesville.


Appropriation #2005026                                                                                                                     $63,984.00

On October 6, 2004, the Board of Supervisors approved one Firefighter/ALS position to help staff rural area fire rescue stations 12 hours per day, 5 days per week. The Boardís policy impacts career staffing at Stony Point Volunteer Fire and Scottsville Volunteer Rescue. With the addition of one Firefighter/ALS and the transfer of one Firefighter/ALS from the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Service (CARS) precepting arrangement, the department is able to staff all rural fire rescue stations 12 hours per day, 5 days per week. The cost for one Firefighter/ALS is $57,484.00 in recurring costs and $6,500.00 in one-time costs for a total of $63,984.00 in FY 2005.


Appropriation #2005027                                                                                                                     $54,075.00

Offender Aid & Restoration (OAR) provides services to adult offenders while incarcerated and provides services to those released into the jurisdictions served by OAR. The Department of Criminal Justice Services has awarded an additional grant in the amount of $31,875. The awarded grant monies will fund salaries, benefits, travel, and other operating expenses for a new probation officer for the provision of local offender supervision for nine months.


The busiest times for major shopping in the County occur during the Thanksgiving to New Yearís holiday season. December tends to have the highest frequency of traffic accidents, shopping thefts, partying, and socializing. Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests are at their highest level during this season also.  The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has awarded the police department a $5,000 grant to support hours of traffic safety overtime activities as part of the larger efforts of Operation Safe Holiday. There is no local match.


In 2002, Albemarle County had a record number of crashes. There were 37 very serious motor vehicle crashes resulting in a total of 22 fatalities. This number was a 144% increase over the 9 fatalities in 2001. Speeding was a primary cause in almost all of these accidents. In 2003, we investigated 25 serious crashes that resulted in 17 fatalities. This is an 89% increase over 2001. Of the 13 crashes that caused these fatalities, speed was determined to be a causative factor in 9. In an increasing effort to combat this deadly speeding problem, DMV has approved a grant for Albemarle County in the amount of $7,200 to purchase four Radar units. These units will be distributed to patrol shift officers so that they may have the most up-to-date equipment available for effectively measuring and prosecuting violators. DMV has approved an additional grant in the amount of $4,000 to purchase one Laser Speed Checking unit. In addition to the increase in fatalities, approximately 3,000 traffic accidents are reported each year and 7,000 traffic summonses are written each year. Much of this work is handled by the Traffic Unit officers. They could work more effectively and efficiently using laptop computers. DMV has approved a grant for Albemarle County in the amount of $6,000 to purchase four laptop computers. There is no local match for any of these grants.


Appropriation #2005028                                                                                                                     $12,924.88

Stone Robinson Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $6,000 from the Stone Robinson PTO. This donation will be used by the teachers to purchase instructional/recreational supplies needed for the classroom.


Murray Elementary School received donations in the amount of $1,525. G. Randall and Bonna Lewis donated $25 and The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation donated $1,000. These donations will be used toward the construction cost of the athletic track for the school. Dennis and Sarah Jordan donated $500 to be used at the principalís discretion for the needs of the school.


Woodbrook Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $100 from Charles and Jerry Crenshaw. This donation will be used by the School Community Group to assist with neighborhood based activities and to train parents and teachers on focus areas and to support the homework club for the students at the school.


Monticello High School received a donation in the amount of $2,000 from H.M. and JoAnn Walker. It was stipulated that $500 be used for the band, $500 for the baseball program, and $1,000 at the discretion of the principal in supporting programs, buying supplies, or helping students personally.


The textbook fund collected $3,299.88 for textbooks which were lost, damaged, or sold. It is requested this money be appropriated for FY 2005 to purchase replacement textbooks.


Appropriation #2005029                                                                                                               $12,122,853.43

Funding in the amount of $12,122,853.43 is requested for the reappropriation of ECC capital projects.


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