TO:                 Albemarle County Planning Commission

FROM:           Susan Thomas, AICP

Senior Planner

DATE:            September 28, 2004


RE:                 ZMA 2004-0010 UVa Research Park Amendment



The staff report was distributed previously for this rezoning request, but due to an advertising deficiency the public hearing had to be postponed from September 14 to September 28 to allow time to re-advertise.  At the time of preparation of the staff report, the applicant and staff were still reviewing and making final revisions to the draft proffers.  The attached (draft) proffers are now in final form, for the Commission’s review.  (see Attachments B, C, and  D)  Please disregard the proffers attached to the September 14 staff report and use those attached to this memorandum.


The ZMA 2000-04 proffers have undergone some minor revisions and a few additions in the review process for this amendment request.  After discussion among representatives from Zoning, the County Attorney’s office and Planning, it was agreed that the original Proffer 1, involving road improvements which were inspected and accepted by VDOT, no longer needs to be included in the list of proffers since it has been satisfied, and it is so noted.  VDOT will maintain these improvements in the future.  However, Proffer 9, the Transportation Demand Management Plan (TDMP), remains in the document since it is an on-going element of the park’s operations and approval.  Other modifications to the existing proffers involve “housekeeping” issues such as maintenance responsibility and which party will bear certain costs for greenway dedication.  Proffer 11 requires the construction and maintenance of a bus shelter by the applicant, and is the only new proffer.


A copy of the Fontaine Research Park Master Plan is included at Attachment A.  This proposal will be heard by the Board of Supervisors on October 13.








A – Fontaine Research Park Master Plan

B – Proffers Approved September 20, 2000 with ZMA-00-04

C – Proposed Proffers (mark up)

D – Proposed Proffers (clean)
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