The following is provided as explanation and comment from staff regarding the attached table.


Project with a development CDA

Staff’s believes that this plan should not be considered for a development CDA.  Furthermore, even without the development CDA, staff’s opinion is that this plan does not provide a comparable commitment to addressing impacts as provided with recently approved rezonings along Route 29.  As noted in the CDA policy recommendation, a primary consideration for the CDA is whether the project is an exceptional project and addresses the project’s impacts by providing infrastructure beyond what a developer is expected to provide for a project.   In examining this project using the attached table, it is staff’s opinion that the project has not provided the same commitment to addressing the development impacts as provided in recent rezonings along Route 29.  As such, staff does not believe the project has reached the threshold for consideration of a development CDA.  


Staff notes that the County CDA provided under the alternative plan, which is similar to the CDAs provided with the other rezonings, is not provided with this plan.  Staff believes this creates a significant gap in addressing impacts which would need to be addressed by infrastructure commitments made with the County CDA.  For comparison, staff estimated the net present value of the Albemarle Place CDA at close to $3 Million and the Hollymead Town Center at $2 Million.  In both of those cases, the County would have considerable flexibility in addressing impacts from those developments as they arise   To satisfy the policy guidance and compensate for that commitment with the County CDA, staff believes the owner needs to demonstrate a commitment to those improvements consistent and necessary under the County’s Comprehensive Plan that go beyond normal expectations.. If this project were to go forward with a development CDA under the recommended policy, the following illustrates what staff believes could be considered appropriate to address the impacts:    





Project without a development CDA

Staff’s opinion is that this plan is unacceptable as proposed and is less desirable than the plan that both staff and the Planning Commission recommended be denied.  In looking at the impacts created by this project and the owner’s commitment to address those impacts, staff finds this plan falls far short of providing an equivalent commitment to that made in recent rezonings along Route 29.  The attached table summarizes those issues staff believes are significant impacts and outlines what commitment staff would consider appropriate in response to the impacts.   Staff notes this plan does not include the Northwest Passage property (Virginia Land Trust and Edward Jackson estate, which is approximately 41 acres of the submitted application) and does not propose to complete Northwest Passage to Route 29. This is shown on attached plan.


Staff noted the following changes to the project that increase the impacts: 


Staff noted the following changes that reduce the impacts from this project: 


Staff believes the following would need to be provided with this plan to provide an equivalent commitment to addressing impacts when compared to recent rezonings along Route 29: 

·         Complete Northwest Passage between Route 29 and North Pointe Boulevard.  In comparison, Area B in Hollymead Town Center made a similar commitment in completing Ridge Road and the Dickerson Road connector.  Staff noted Ridge Road required grading over 20’ to reach final grade and the Dickerson Road connector required crossing Powell Creek.  While Northwest Passage requires extensive grading and crossing Flat Branch, staff believes this commitment would be consistent with earlier rezonings.  Additionally, staff notes, if this property remained in the application, an estimated 200 additional residential units would be developed to help offset that cost.  None of the other recommendations are modified by adding those 200 residential units.     

·         Complete the major streets and frontage improvements as part of the initial development   Staff would find it acceptable to delay completion of Northwest Passage by no more than 5 years from initial site plan or subdivision approval. Both Hollymead Town Center and Albemarle Place have made a similar commitment. 

·         Complete the 3rd lanes, southbound and northbound, on Route 29 as part of the initial development.  The north bound lane should extend from Airport Road to Lewis and Clark Drive.  The southbound lane should extend from Airport Road to above Northside Drive.  Both Hollymead Town Center and Albemarle Place made commitments to Route 29 improvements to address impacts.

·         Provide the school site as equivalent to a $3,000 per residential unit contribution.  Albemarle Place and Hollymead Town Center offered $3,000 per unit contributions based on assumed build out conditions.   As this property is anticipated to have approximately 700 residential units, this makes the school site equivalent to at least a $2.1 Million contribution and equivalent to a $3,000 per residential unit contribution.

·         Provide a CDA for the commercial part of the property that the County could use to offset impacts created by this development.  This is the same commitment as both Albemarle Place and Hollymead Town Center.

·         Provide a $100,000 contribution towards the regional transportation study being done as part of the Northern Development Area Master Plan.  Albemarle Place made this same commitment and Hollymead Town Center has made a similar commitment on a pro rata basis, with the assumption the remainder of Hollymead Town Center would complete the $100,000 contribution when it is rezoned. 


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