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Appropriation #2004090                                                                                                                      $77,856.89

The General Adult Education Program is a federally funded program that provides instructional services to meet the needs of adults who are working toward a high school diploma.  Albemarle County, by Federal mandate, provides a 40% match to receive General Adult Education funds.  Part-time teaching and administrative staff provide adult education instructional services to approximately 160 adults in the area.  Expenditures exceeded appropriations for FY 03/04 due to an increase in enrollment.  This program received an additional $2,576.83 from tuition for FY 03/04.


The need to provide additional learning time for students at risk of not meeting benchmarks has been recognized by the School Division and funding to provide intervention during the summer has been allocated.  In addition to local funding, the State provides summer remedial funding.  The Division has traditionally operated high school summer school as a self-sustaining program.  Local and state funding was provided for elementary and middle school programs.  Expenditures exceeded the appropriation for FY 03/04 by $38,831.00.  It is requested that $1,945.67 in fund balance be used and the remaining balance of $36,885.33 will be covered by additional revenue received in FY 03/04 from the State and for tuition. 


The State Department of Education reimbursed Albemarle County Schools $538.56 for satellite related expenses incurred by the Albemarle Resource Center.


The Drivers Safety Fund consists of driver’s education behind the wheel and the motorcycle safety programs operating on a fee for service basis.  Approximately 1,300 students are trained each year in Driver Safety.  Operating before school, after school, and in the summer, students receive eighteen hours of training.  Expenditures exceeded appropriation for    FY 03/04 due to an increase in the number of classes and types of classes offered.  This program received an additional $24,783.90 from the State and $6,578.79 for tuition for FY 03/04.  This additional revenue will be used to offset the expenditures incurred.


The Virginia Department of Education awarded Albemarle Public Schools an additional $4,547.81 for the Community Service Grant in support of the Enterprise Center’s Alternative Program that serves long term suspended or expelled students.  The Enterprise Center will partner with TeensGIVE (TG), a community attention program that will provide structured community service activities to suspended students at the Enterprise Center.


Appropriation #2004091                                                                                                                           $760.70

The Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education annually awards several Albemarle County Public School teachers with project grants. Expenditures have exceeded appropriations for FY 03/04. Some grant recipients were unable to expend their funds in FY 02/03 but did so in FY 03/04. It is requested that $760.70 be reappropriated to cover expenditures incurred in FY 03/04.


Appropriation #2004092                                                                                                                      $26,243.92

The Bureau of Justice awards continuous funding towards the purchase of bulletproof vests to the Albemarle County Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, and the Regional Jail. The award funds up to 50% of the total cost applied for. The local match amounts for each department come from their current police supplies budget.


Appropriation #2004093                          FY 2004 Over-Expenditures                                                $329,000.00

General Fund over-expenditures total $329,000.00 as detailed below. Funding for these expenditures is provided from fund balance.

·         Board of Supervisors                                                                             $13,300.00

Health insurance for new member and a significant increase in public official liability insurance


·         Commonwealth’s Attorney                                                                      $6,000.00

Funding for health insurance and salary increases


·         Emergency Communications Center                                                       $8,600.00

Expenses related to transfer of Fire Dispatch from the City of Charlottesville to the Emergency Communications Center


·         Fire/Rescue – Monticello Station                                                           $30,000.00

Salary and overtime expenses related to adequate staffing


·         Fire/Rescue – Tax Credit                                                                         $3,500.00

Cost of program exceeded projections


·         Juvenile Detention                                                                                $15,100.00

Usage and per diem increases due to reduced State funding


·         General Services – Solid Waste                                                          $111,500.00

Expenditures for Keene Landfill, recycling program, and tipping fees exceeded projections


·         Tax Relief for the Elderly                                                                       $57,000.00

Increase in applicants


·         Tax Refunds                                                                                          $84,000.00

Refund of utility tax erroneously reported and paid to the County in prior fiscal year


The School Fund over-expenditure of $40,000.00 is funded by a transfer from the Maintenance category to the Construction category to cover the cost of asbestos removed.


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