Development Areas Initiative Steering Committee II

September 14, 2004-- ROOM 246

Albemarle County Office Building

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.



MEMBERS PRESENT:   Bill Edgerton, Marilynn Gale, Katie Hobbs, Tom Loach, Steve Runkle, and Steve Von Storch.


STAFF:  Elaine Echols, Mark Graham, and Wayne Cilimberg


1.                  Call to Order – Steve Runkle called to order at 12:15 p.m.


2.                  Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2004 Meeting – On a motion by Bill Edgerton, seconded by Tom Loach, the minutes were approved as written.


3.                  Discussion on Sidewalks and Street Trees – The Committee clarified its position from the previous meeting that the requirement for sidewalks rarely should be waived on an urban cross-section street.  If a waiver to allow for rural cross-section streets is approved, then, a waiver to the sidewalk requirement as well as the street tree requirement could also be requested.


The Committee discussed whether an automatic waiver should be available when an applicant requests a subdivision of 2-3 single-family detached lots from a single lot on an existing rural street.  They determined that the context of the request was very important.  A single lot being subdivided at the end of an existing rural street might be a better candidate for an urban cross-section than rural cross-section if it could serve as an interconnection to an adjoining property.  The Committee reiterated that all waiver requests should go to the Commission. 


The Committee then discussed issues related to waivers for planting strips.  It was agreed that for rural cross-section streets, a planting strip would not be difficult to provide, but would still need review by the Planning Commission.  The Committee discussed the need for a standard to be established and several members suggested that the standard should be a 6 foot planting strip between the curb and the sidewalk for streets with single-family detached dwellings.  Where a site plan is required, i.e., on non-single family detached developments, the cross-section could be different.


The Committee discussed the idea of a “menu of options” which would include a sidewalk adjacent to the curb, a 3-foot tree lawn adjacent to a 5-foot sidewalk with the tree on the private property, an 8-foot wide sidewalk, or the sidewalk and street tree on private property.


Mark Graham discussed the new VDOT r.o.w. requirements, which includes 3 feet of additional r.o.w. at the back of the sidewalk.   Several members suggested that common area adjacent to the curb would allow for less right-of-way and for houses to be closer to the street.  Staff cautioned DISCII about making this recommendation because of the need for street frontage to provide legal access to lots.  Staff suggested that reducing the setback requirement would be preferable to promoting common area between the street and the lot.


The Committee agreed to continue discussing the items that would need to be considered with a waiver to the street tree requirement.


4.         Set Next Meeting Date – The next meeting date was scheduled for September 14, 2004.


5.         Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.

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