TO:                Juan Wade, Transportation Planner (County of Albemarle)

FROM:          Kristi Byrne, Assistant Traffic Engineer

DATE:           September 1, 2004

RE:                 Fifth Street/Avon Street Complex TIA (REVISED Comments)

We have reviewed the Traffic Impact Analysis, and have the following questions/concerns:

        The assumed route through Elliot Avenue is unacceptable to the City, Elliot Avenue is a neighborhood street. Please keep the route to Avon/Monticello Ave/I-64, and include the signals at Avon St/Monticello Ave, Monticello Ave/Carlton Rd, and reanalyze Elliot/Monticello Ave.

        Please indicate that this analysis considered the pending/approved adjacent City developments including, but not limited to: Rock Creek on Old Ridge, Baylor Rd. development, Roy's Place, Johnson Village on Cleveland, Willoughby Townes, Willoughby Place, Fifth & Cherry, Moore's Creek on Palatine.

        We would like to see the phasing plan of the development and corresponding traffic mitigation plan that will be implemented and complete before each phase of development.

        Please make note to compensate the City for any adjustments that the City will have to make to our signals/infrastructure to accommodate this development beyond what is covered in a mitigation plan, including necessary signal coordination.

        Can developerís traffic engineer assure us that the existing turn lane lengths will accommodate the proposed queuing needs?

        The developer should maintain the Level of Service of a no-build situation, if not better, for all City signals impacted by this development.

        We would like confirmation that VDOTís review of this TIA includes an assessment of the City network (in addition to the Countyís) on behalf of regional traffic.

        We are concened with access to adjacent property owners after improvements are made to the 5th St & Bent Creek Rd intersection.

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