Development Areas Initiative Steering Committee II

August 24, 2004-- ROOM 235

Albemarle County Office Building

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.



MEMBERS PRESENT:   Bill Edgerton, Marilynn Gale, Katie Hobbs, Steve Runkle, and Steve Von Storch


VISITOR:  Neil Williamson


STAFF:  Elaine Echols


1.                  Call to Order – Steve Runkle called to order at 12:15 p.m.


2.                  Approval of Minutes from August 17, 2004 Meeting – The minutes were approved with the following additions:


a.                  The 150’ lot width restriction should be added to circumstances #2 and #3 for the curved part of the street

b.                  Illustrations need to accompany the text

c.                  Circumstances #4 & #5 should be reversed to match the illustrations shown on the chart


3.                  Discussion of Subdivision Text Amendment related to waivers for curb/sidewalk/street trees  -- DISC II revisited its conclusions from the previous meeting.  They acknowledged that the exceptions they came up with at the last meeting were very narrow and that there were probably many other possibilities that could occur.  They discussed staff’s lack of comfort in making discretionary decisions related to policy, the fact that administrative waivers can easily become defacto “standards”, and staff’s potential difficulty in providing consistent decisions with the number of reviewers able to grant waivers. 


Because of the time that would be involved in developing more exceptions and the unique nature of the different possibilities, the group decided that it would be wiser to remove administrative waiver possibilities and let the Planning Commission deal with waiver requests on a case-by-case basis.  The group spent the rest of the meeting developing items which should be considered by the Commission before granting a waiver to the requirement for curb and enclosed drainage systems.


            DISC II discussed the following items which the Commission should consider before granting a waiver:


a.      Recommendations from the staff (Planning Director and County Engineer) related to County goals, policies, good planning practice and good engineering practice.

b.      Whether or not the use of a rural cross-section at a particular location in the Development Areas furthers the goals of the Comprehensive Plan, with particular emphasis on the Neighborhood Model and Master Plans.

a.      The function of the street.

b.      Project size, type of lots, and density.

c.      How the proposed street, street extension, or project relates to its surroundings.

d.      Whether or not the street terminates in the neighborhood or at the edge of the Development Area or will provide for future interconnections.


All of these items were described in phrases on a flip-chart and were not placed in any particular order.  Staff offered to provide an organized list for DISC II review and approval prior to the Chair’s presentation to the Board of Supervisors on September 1.


Discussion on street trees and sidewalks was postponed to the next meeting.


4.         Set Next Meeting Date – The next meeting date was scheduled for August 31 from 12 – 1:30 in Room 235.


5.         Adjournment – The meeting adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

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