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Adopted August 25, 1998 (Revised August, 2004)



1.         Fuel pump canopies may be required to provide customers with protection from the elements and to provide lighting levels required for dispensing fuel.  Such fuel pump canopies are functional elements of present-day gas/convenience stores and their character and appearance shall reflect a minimalist design consistent with that function.


2.         Fuel pump canopies shall be the smallest size possible to offer protection from the elements.  Canopies shall not exceed the sizes identified in “Standards for Fuel Pump Canopies” as outlined in Appendix C of the ARB Design Guidelines.


3.         The size of the canopy fascia and canopy support columns shall be in proportion to the overall size of the canopy structure.  The fascia shall not exceed 36" in total height, including any accent bands.


4.         Canopy fascias and canopy signage shall not be illuminated.


5.         Lighting of fuel pump canopies shall be of the lowest level that will provide safe dispensing of fuel.   All canopy lighting shall be flush-mounted and shielded, downward directed, and shall not emit light above the horizontal plane.  All canopy lighting shall meet the .5 foot-candle spillover requirement in compliance with zoning ordinance regulations.


6.         Canopy related elements, including fuel dispensers, support columns, spandrels, planters, etc. shall be compatible with the character of the building and site and shall not be used for advertising.


7.         The architectural elements of a building should not be altered to reflect trademark canopy design. 


8.         Canopy fascias shall be limited to the use of one principal color, with ARB review.


9.         Colors, materials, forms, and detailing may be used to coordinate canopies with a site, its building(s), and structures.


10.        Fuel pump canopy applicants should refer to “Standards for Fuel Pump Canopies” as outlined in Appendix C of the ARB Design Guidelines.


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