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Discussion:  Urban Development Position




General input from the Board on the proposed outline and focus of the position




Tucker, Foley, Graham, Cilimberg




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August 4, 2004


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At the July 7th meeting, the Board discussed the regional and local economic development policies and provided input regarding the update to the local policy to be reviewed by the Planning Commission this fall.  As a part of that discussion, the Board requested that staff provide an outline of the newly created urban development position established during the budget process and bring it before the Board for review and discussion.  As the Board will recall, this position was proposed to address urban development needs and was recommended in the Crozet Master Plan.  Establishment of such a position has also been discussed through proposed actions in the County’s Strategic Plan.




Goal 3.3:  Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County. 




The general description for the position as originally stated in the County’s Business Plan and reviewed with the Board during the budget process is as follows:


“This initiative funds an urban development position to focus on activities related to development of the County’s master planned and other urban areas.  This will include working with business and real estate interests in bringing about the core business and economic activity needed to realize vibrant neighborhood and business centers.  The position will also be involved in the development of key public infrastructure projects, including the evaluation of possible funding alternatives and partnerships.”


The following information was developed from the initial outline for the position and from job descriptions that currently exist in other localities with similar goals for promoting the development of “downtown” or urban areas: 


This position will focus on activities related to development of the County’s master planned and other urban areas to bring about the core business and economic activity needed to realize vibrant neighborhood and business centers.  These activities will reflect Comprehensive Plan goals, objectives and strategies for the Development Areas and will include:


·         Acting as the primary contact and facilitator for new and expanding business and development.

·         Assisting local business with planning, zoning, regulatory, financing and small business assistance questions and processes.

·         Developing partnerships with other public and private entities to encourage entrepreneurial activity and business development.

·         Developing outreach efforts to proactively work with businesses and developers to identify problems and opportunities.

·         Developing innovative approaches to marketing these areas as vibrant, economically prosperous locations to develop and conduct business.  Arranging and conducting prospect visits, briefings, tours and itineraries.

·         Managing current and researching new financial incentive packages available to recruit and retain business and development.

·         Participating in the planning and development of key public infrastructure projects necessary to support these areas, including the evaluation of possible funding alternatives and partnerships.

·         Conducting research and assisting in the initiation and development of policy, strategies and program options to promote commercial development and revitalization, which advance the economic development goals of the County.

·         Utilizing local programs, County resources, land resources, and state and federal programs to develop and/or facilitates private and public/private ventures that will combine the entrepreneurial spirit of the private sector with policies and resources of the County.    


The focus of the position will be on working with the business community on private and public development in the urban and master planned areas.  It will be project rather than marketing focused, based on the needs of the various urban areas.  This is in contrast to providing marketing of the County as an attractive business location in general, which is the typical focus of an economic development position. 




This item was placed on the agenda for general discussion with the Board regarding the focus of the position.  Staff welcomes input the Board may have regarding the outline above and hopes to use that input in finalizing the position description and eventual work plan.


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