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August 4, 2004


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The Board developed the County’s Vision, Mission, and Goal Statements in spring 2002. Staff developed a framework and timetable, targeted priorities, and incorporated changes suggested by the Board at their October 2002 and January 2003 strategic planning work sessions. The Board held their most recent annual strategic planning retreat in September 2003 at which time the Board added a strategic goal regarding the County’s future growth and urbanization.  In April 2004, the Board approved the addition of four Life Long Learning Goals. Twenty four initiatives that supported the County’s strategic plan were funded in the FY 04/05 budget and were reflected in the County’s first business plan. Staff provides the Board Strategic Plan progress reports on a quarterly basis.




April 2004 – June 2004 Quarterly Report




The Board’s strategic plan continues to provide focus for the County. During the past quarter, April 2004 through June 04, the following activities took place:


Development of “Outcome” Performance Measures:  The report outlining twenty strategic plan outcome-based performance measures has been completed and presented to the County’s Leadership Council.  In July, staff will begin work to develop the accompanying measurement system that will identify base line data and will establish a County-wide Balanced Score Card reporting system. 


2004 Citizen Survey Underway:  During this quarter, the County’s 2004 Citizen Survey was completed. Over 700 County residents were contacted by telephone to provide information on their satisfaction with services and the County’s progress regarding the Strategic Planning goals. UVA’s Center for Survey Research (CSR) is now in the process of analyzing this data.  CSR will submit their findings in a report to the County prior to the Board’s fall Strategic Planning retreat.


Community Profile:  The Office of Management and Budget has begun the update of the 2003 Community Profile (a.k.a. the Data Book). This information will be completed prior to the Board’s Strategic Planning Retreat on October 9th.


Communication of the Strategic Plan:   Twenty framed posters highlighting the County’s Vision, Mission and Values has been posted in various locations throughout the County Office Building. Strategic Plan updates are continuing to be posted to the County’s website.  For the first time, a strategic planning booth (which featured “Future Man”) was included at the May 5th County Day.  Before the day was over, over 100 youth submitted pictures depicting their version of “Albemarle County in the future” to County staff.


Leading Strategic Change:  During this quarter, 14 members of the County’s Leadership Council completed a three month seminar at UVA’s Darden Business School entitled “Leading Strategic Change.” The Course was led by Dr. Alec Horniman.


Long Range Financial Planning/Strategic Budgeting: Staff has been meeting with Davenport and Company, LLC, the County’s consultants who are developing the 5 year Financial forecasting model, to provide information and finalize the model format.   The model will be available by this fall and will be further discussed at the Board’s Strategic Planning Retreat.


Extension of Plan of Action to FY06:  The current Plan of Action has been extended to align with the County’s strategic planning cycle. At the upcoming October 2004 Retreat, the Board will review the County’s progress and new data, and make any desired adjustments to the last year of the  FY 03/04 – FY 05/06 Plan of Action.  At the Board’s retreat the following year (fall 2005), the Board will begin the County’s process for the development of a new strategic plan.


Progress on Priority Objectives:  Staff members continue their efforts to achieve the FY 03/04 – FY 05/06 Plan of Action’s priority objectives. Attached for your review is the quarterly Priority Objectives progress report, for the time period of April 2004 through June 2004.


The County’s strategic plan framework is attached for the Board’s reference.




Staff recommends the Board review this quarterly strategic plan progress report, and provide any additional guidance for staff at this time.


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