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East Ivy Potential Polling Site Visitation


On June 30, 2004, Clarice Schermerhorn, Electoral Board Assistant, and Linda Helf, Deputy Registrar visited the Miller Center and met with Margaret Edwards, the Director of External Relations, 924-7889.


After reviewing the requirements for a polling site, we toured the facilities available for potential use as a polling site in the building.  A room downstairs could serve as a polling location if it was cleared of furniture (Ms. Edwards said they would be able to remove the furniture).  The handicapped ramp falls into compliance with ADA requirements.  The door does not have an automatic opener and is out of compliance with ADA regarding heaviness meaning an official would have to open it for a handicapped voter.  Parking is adequate, with the potential to create additional parking spaces for handicapped vehicles and voters on the circular drive closer to the polling site than the existing parking area. 


Ms. Edwards said she would approach the executive board for the facility as soon as possible for permission to use the facility as a polling site.  We gave her the timeline for clearing a new polling site with the County and with the Department of Justice.  She expressed some concerns about the political parties being allowed within 40 feet of the Miller Center as the nature of their organization is non-partisan.  We also said that we were looking for at least a three year commitment and gave her an idea of the elections that can be expected in 2005.  Certainly it is a lovely facility and probably more identifiable to voters in the western part of the East Ivy Precinct than Zehmer Hall although may be less identifiable to the voters in the eastern part of the Precinct.  Although it is not as accessible as Zehmer it does meet ADA requirements.   There would not be a charge for using the facility, although a cleaning fee for carpets may apply. 


Amvest office facility – Boar’s Head grounds.  We spoke with a manager at the facility who indicated that they had revamped the facility and turned it into offices that are leased to their tenants and that no large conference areas are available for use.


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