July 20, 2004





Gary T. Dalton

1384 Stone Creek Court- Apt. 307

Charlottesville, VA  22902



RE:  SP-2004-14 Gary T. Dalton (Sign # 89),  Tax Map 94, Parcel 90


Dear Mr. Dalton:


The Albemarle County Planning Commission, at its meeting on July 13, 2004, by a vote of 6:0, recommended approval of the above-noted petition to the Board of Supervisors. Please note that this approval is subject to the following conditions:


1.       The number of vehicle trips per week associated with this home occupation shall not exceed 10.

2.       The use shall be conducted in general accord with the concept plan identified as Attachment B in the staff report.

3.       The total square footage of the shop building, including the study, shall not exceed 800 square feet in size.

4.       No business sign shall be permitted.


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Please be advised that the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors will review this petition and receive public comment at their meeting on August 4, 2004.  Any new or additional information regarding your application must be submitted to the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at least seven days prior to your scheduled hearing date.


If you should have any questions or comments regarding the above noted action, please do not hesitate to contact me (434) 296-5823.






Rebecca Ragsdale

Senior Planner