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Appropriation #2005006                                                                                                            $164,322.93

In the FY 2004/2005 budget process, the budget for Volunteer Fire and Rescue Departments took a significant step towards funding 100% of the volunteer departmentsí identified operating expenses through additional funds and restructuring of current contributions. This restructuring of current contributions included forgiving the volunteer departmentsí current outstanding debt owed to the County through its no interest loan fund. This appropriation provides for the liquidation of the outstanding debt and the transfer of $164,322.93 in available fund balance from the Fire Loan Fund to the General Capital Improvement Fund Balance.



Appropriation #2005007                                                                                                              $19,340.70

Due to State budget concerns, The Department of Fire Programs released FY 2003/2004 Fire Program Funds to localities based on their FY 2002/2003 allocation. Normally allocations to localities are made based on the localitiesí population. In June 2004, the County received an additional $19,340.70 when the State released the remaining Fire Program Funds to localities. The Fire Rescue Department has requested that this money be appropriated to purchase equipment for volunteer and career fire operations. The additional funds were received in the previous fiscal year; therefore, funding will be appropriated from the General Fund Balance.



Appropriation #2005008                                                                                                              $50,000.00

Funding to bring Sunridge Road up to State standards as approved by the Board of Supervisors on July 7, 2004.



Appropriation #2005009                                                                                                            $175,000.00

Funding for three firefighters/ALS personnel to staff a CARS ambulance during day time hours and provide ALS training as approved by the Board of Supervisors on July 7, 2004.


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