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THIS SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT Number 1, made and executed in triplicate as of this _______ day of ______________________, ______, between the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION, herein called the “Department” and ALBEMARLE COUNTY, a political subdivision of Virginia, hereinafter called the “Sponsor”.

W I T N E S S E T H:

WHEREAS, the parties to this SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT entered into an ORIGINAL AGREEMENT dated March 21, 1997 for the development and administration of an Enhancement Program Project designated by Project Numbers: EN93-002-V05, PE101, RW201, C501 / PPMS Number 13772; EN94-002-V09, PE101, RW201, C501 / PPMS Number 15152; EN96-002-119, PE101, C501 / PPMS Number 16539; and EN99-002-143, PE101, RW201, C501 / PPMS Number 52020, and referred to hereinafter as the “Project”; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth Transportation Board had previously allocated $3,000,000 in Federal STP Enhancement funds for this Project as designated in the Department’s Six Year Improvement Program; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth Transportation Board adopted an Enhancement Allocation for Fiscal Year 1998 - 1999 and allocated an additional $400,000 resulting in a total allocation of $3,400,000 in Federal STP Enhancement funds for this Project; and said total allocation requires a minimum 20% local match and any expenditures above the combined federal / local funds must be 100% local funds; and

WHEREAS, the Sponsor’s share of the project costs may be provided in the form of cash, land donation or in-kind services, as identified in Attachment B; and

WHEREAS, all other terms and conditions of the ORIGINAL AGREEMENT remain unchanged;


NOW, THEREFORE, this SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT shall be binding upon the personal representatives and legal successors of the respective parties hereto.

IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT to be executed by their duly authorized officers.



_____________________________________          ____________________        ______

Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner   Sponsor Name                         Date

Commonwealth of Virginia                                            Title  _____________________

Department of Transportation                                       Jurisdiction  ________________





____________________        _______                      _____________________      ______

Signature of Witness                 Date                           Signature of Witness                 Date





PROJECT NUMBER:   EN93-002-V05, PE101, RW201, C501 

PPMS NUMBER:   13772


Enclosure:  Attachment B


Attachment B to Supplemental Agreement



Project Number:  EN93-002-V05, PE101, RW201, C501 


Project Description:  The Thomas Jefferson Parkway is designed to protect and enhance the existing vehicular corridor, offer access to Monticello by other modes of transportation, and provide a recreational and educational amenity which broadens and enriches the visitor’s experience, but also stands alone as a community parkway and park.  Construction to date includes regraded side slopes, new guardrails and signs, burial of overhead utility lines, a bridge to improve access to the entrance of Monticello, a two-mile accessible hiking and biking trail, and a 175-acre park with overlooks, trails, a native plant arboretum and pond. 


Location:  Along State Route 53 from State Route 20 to the entrance to Monticello in Albemarle County, Virginia. 


Property Acquisition Required (Y/N):  NO


Consultant Services to be Used (Y/N):  YES


Tentative Schedule:  Completed by Fall of 2004


Base the following responses on the amount of federal funding allocated in the attached Agreement; do not include future allocations or total estimated project costs.  If this is a Supplemental Agreement, address only the additional funds received in this allocation.   


Description of work/activities to be performed with this allocation:  

This phase of funding will be used to build a pedestrian culvert under the Thomas Jefferson Parkway (Route 53) to allow safe access for walkers and bicyclists to Monticello and the park created with funding from the first three phases. 

* If this allocation will be used to cover costs in multiple phases of a project, separately identify the work/activities to be performed in each of the different phases.


Sponsor’s Share:


Cash:  $100.00


Land Donation:  $______________________ Estimated/Appraised Value


In-kind Service / Volunteer Labor:  $_______________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

*Include estimated number of hours & rates



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