Lanford Hills Drive Traffic Calming Inducements




Approval of resolution requesting VDOT to initiate the traffic calming process on Lanford Hills Drive









July 7, 2004


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The residents of Lanford Hills Drive (State Route 1251) have contacted the Department of Community Development concerning excessive speeding on the road and requested that the County consider installing traffic calming devices. Lanford Hills Drive is a cul-de-sac with eight homes located off Proffit Road.  It serves Lanford Hills subdivision which abuts Baker-Butler Elementary School. Residents have noted that 12 children reside on the road.  Staff met with the residents and requested that VDOT conduct a speed study to determine if there was a speeding problem. The results of VDOTís survey indicated there was a speeding problem on this road.




3.1 Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play.




When a speeding problem was determined, staff utilized VDOTís Traffic Calming Guide (Attachment A) to proceed with the   residentsí requests to calm traffic. These guidelines typically disqualify most of the numerous requests staff receives annually for traffic calming measures.


Staff held a community meeting on May 5, 2004, which included representatives from Community Development, the Board of Supervisors, residents, and VDOT to discuss the guidelines, implications and residentsí responsibilities. Due to unforeseen conflicts at the last minute, representatives from Police and Fire/Rescue, who were invited, could not attend the meeting. However, they have been part of the discussion of and input on this request from the early stages.


At the meeting, residents indicated that the speeding is a result of traffic unfamiliar with the area thinking that Lanford Hills Drive provides access to Forest Lakes and/or Rt. 29 and a concern regarding illegal activities associated with some traffic that occurs in the cul-de-sac.  Lanford Hills currently has a sign at the entrance that indicates the street is a dead end. This has not prevented speeding traffic.  As such, 100% of the residents on Lanford Hills Drive support installation of a speed hump (please see petition in Attachment B).  The specific traffic calming measure to be used would be determined with the development of traffic calming plans, which the Board of Supervisors must approve.


According to VDOT Traffic Calming Guide a street is eligible for a traffic calming measures if the following are met:


         The street is a two-lane road that has been functionally classified as a local residential street or as a collector street identified as having the characteristics of a local residential street.


Lanford Hills Drive is a local residential street.


         The posted speed limit does not exceed 25 mph.


                  The posted speed limit for Lanford Hills Drive is 25 mph.


         The average speed is at least 5 mph over the speed limit.


VDOTís speed study indicates that the average speed is 33 mph, 8 mph over the posted speed limit.


         A petition requesting traffic calming and signed by at least 75% of the total occupied households within the petition area is obtained.


Please find attached a petition signed by 100% of the total occupied households on Lanford Hills Drive. (Attachment B)


         The street provides direct access to abutting residences and serves only to provide mobility within the neighborhood, with traffic entering or exiting only from the residences.


Lanford Hills Drive provides direct access only to abutting homes on the street.


         The street does not provide primary access to commercial or industrial sites.


Lanford Hills Drive does not provide primary access to commercial or industrial sites.


         There are a minimum of 12 dwellings fronting the street per 1,000 feet of roadway, including both sides.


Lanford Hills Drive does not meet this requirement.  VDOTís Traffic Calming Guidelines allow for localities to request County specific modifications to its criteria.  Staff has requested this modification from VDOT.


Staff believes this road sufficiently meets the criteria for traffic calming. This request is supported by the County Police and the County Fire and Rescue Department.  VDOT requires a Board of Supervisors resolution with the above support data in order for them to proceed with the traffic calming process.  


If the Board of Supervisors adopts the resolution found in Attachment C, staff will then forward this request to VDOT. VDOT will work with a traffic calming committee consisting of the residents of Lanford Hills Drive, VDOT, the Board of Supervisors representative, and representatives from Police, Community Development, and Fire/Rescue to develop a traffic calming plan. Although the residents have requested a speed hump, the committee will look at all the options to insure the best traffic calming measure is selected. After a plan is developed, it must be approved by VDOT and the County. The plan is then implemented and evaluated.




Staff recommends the Board of Supervisors adopt the resolution found in Attachment C.


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