Proposed Groundwater Ordinance & Assessment Standards

Summary of Four-Tier Approach for Building Permits, Plats, and Plans

& Long-Term Monitoring Wells


This document summarizes the actions that would be necessary under the proposed program for each type of land use activity, as well as plans for a County groundwater monitoring well program.


1.       Tier 1 -- Building Permit for New Structure on Lot (< 21 acres)


2.       Tier 2 -- Creation of Any Development Right Lot (< 21 acres)


3.       Tier 3 -- Subdivision Plat Creating 4 or more lots where at least 3 lots are 5 acres or less


4.       Tier 4 – Site Plan for use consuming more than 2,000 gallons per day or for approval of any new central well system


5.       County Groundwater Monitoring Network


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