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Appropriation #2005002                                                                                                            $ 2,693,324.00

The final Commonwealth of Virginia appropriated budget provided additional state revenue to the Albemarle County Public Schools in the amount of $2,693,324.  This addition in state funding allowed for a reduction in the use of General Fund Balance to fund the School Division’s FY2005 operating budget.  Based on an agreement between the School Division and General Government, the additional state revenue will be shared 50/50.  The Education portion will be used to fund various school operations as follows:


1.  Increased Teacher Salaries                                                                                  $910,970

2.  Increase 2 FTE Technology Teachers (to meet new SOQ requirements)                   $104,600

3.  Increase 2 FTE Technology Support Staff (to meet new SOQ requirements) $109,548

4.  Increase Computer Equipment Replacement Fund                                     $150,000

5.  Increase Textbook Replacement                                                                           $  71,544


The General Government portion will be transferred to the Capital Improvement Fund to be used for future projects.



Appropriation #2005003                                                                                                                  $11,168.00

At the June 2, 2004 Board meeting, the Board agreed to fund a $9,925 salary increase for the Commonwealth Attorney.   The total increase to the Commonwealth Attorney’s budget will be $11,168, including associated fringe costs of $1,243, and will be funded from the General Fund Balance.



Appropriation #2005004                                                                                                             $2,687,500.00

The County and City of Charlottesville have successfully negotiated a contract to purchase the Levy Opera House, which is currently being modified to house the Juvenile Court staff during the Juvenile Court Renovation and Expansion project, the Jessup House at 513 East High Street, and the parking lot at 7th and Market Streets.  The purchase of these properties will provide for the 20-year needs of a combined General District Court for the City and County (providing approximately 20,000 square feet identified in the original comprehensive court study), as well as 70 surface parking spaces currently on site.  The County’s 50% share of the cost to purchase these properties is $2,687,500 and is funded by use of fund balance available in the General Capital Improvement Fund, which has been supplemented by the additional state school funds shared by local government and by the 800MHz payment from the University of Virginia.



Appropriation #2005005                                                                                                               $ 176,790.00

The 2004 General Assembly approved increasing state support to the At-Risk Four Year Old programs to fund 90% of the eligible four-year olds in FY05 and 100% of the four-year olds in FY06, rather than the current 60% of eligible children.  Additional State revenue, totaling $62,573, is available to expand the County’s Bright Stars Program to serve 106 children in FY2005, an increase of 26 children over the 80 positions currently available.  Although the specific location of the additional program is yet to be determined, the current plan is to have one new Bright Stars classroom available in September to 16 children with the remaining funds to be used to support 10 additional children in other four-year old programs, i.e. Red Hill preschool, Headstart, etc.  A local match of $114,217 is funded from the General Fund Balance.


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